The Time Has Come by HeavyWeaponsBaby

Never played DMC. But hey, guns and swords and arcane stuff, how can you go wrong?

HWB has released a brand new full length vid for a song in celebration of some Devil May Cry news, and it’s just as dark and action-filled as I’d like it to be.  One awesome thing that this shows is how even in the angry and evil sounding parts of the song, the focus is still on the good guys beating the bad guys.  How do you do that and still make it work?  Color correction.

And it’s a mighty fine change in tone and proper change in color when we hit the more holy part of the vid.  The only thing that really annoys me about this is the inclusion of some in-show audio (and that probably only annoys me because of its association with subpar PMVs in general).  But this is overall a fantastic piece of action, and everything fits like it should.  Take a look below!

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Fallout Equestria – Light Bringer by Argodaemon

Ponies and explosions and grunge and future stuff is all I really know about Fallout Equestria.  That, and explosions.

But even having never read the book or whatever, I can tell that this short SFM is totally AWESOME.  How is it that people don’t see that ponies and explosions make such a great combination!  The scene was also apparently made custom, and lemme tell ya, the video does an amazing job at atmosphere.  What with the music timed perfectly, and the transition and the slow camera zooms, it makes me think that this might be a children’s show, but it sure ain’t a children’s fandom.  Ponies are real men business, am I right?

Of course I am.  Get some explosions below.

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