Stole The Show by rainbowdashzx

It’s hard not to steal the show when you’re the only one worth showing, darling.

Aside from Rarity’s fabulosity complex (a very serious condition), the element of generosity brings out some great modern style PMVs.  The great thing about this next one is that it presents a nice bite-size balance between brilliant design, editing, contrast and even includes a bit of a very simple story.  Simple is better than none though!

The grand focus of this video tends to fall on the design and look of the piece to be honest, which was absolutely wonderful.  Everything from the text styling to the picture elements and especially to the striped masks and great transitions fit well into the style of a fabulous and modern lament about having to go.  With a piece as short and design focused as this one, however, there is room to nitpick.  Thus I can tell you my one disagreement in here would be at 1:11 where we see a silhouette of diamond-butt. The problem is that her eyes can still be slightly seen.  She looks like that girl from Dark Meadow  just a little bit and it’s kinda creepy.  If this was a stylistic choice, I simply have a different opinion.  If it was an error, the editor is just starting to learn a new program version so it’s understandable.

Get some modern style below as your favorite white and purple pony steals the show!

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Short Skirt Long Jacket by Xriss777

Hello everyone! It’s Dae314 back again for some more weekend reviews. It is not terribly often that I hear a song that I haven’t heard in such a long time that it sounds brand new again. Cake’s Short Skirt/Long Jacket came out in 2001, but it fits one of the mane 6 with such clarity that it’s hard to believe a fellow fan didn’t sing it. That’s right folks, today’s video is going to be about Pinkie Pie! Wait… what’s that? Pinkie’s not–oh. Well whoever wrote this script has apples for brains because Cake’s Short Skirt/Long Jacket clearly fits Pinkie’s character best… I don’t care what the video is about I swear Pinkie– Don’t you go threatening me just becau– uugh OK fine. Due to intense pressure from my zap apple addled manag– erm… a small mistake that was entirely my own, today’s video will not be about Pinkie Pie but rather Rarity.

Xris brings us an extremely well edited video that almost but not quite manages to give me goosebumps. The skillfully designed custom transitions are underway almost as soon as viewers hit the play button. Throughout the video viewers are treated to a chocolatey smooth mixture of masks, effects, and transitions that seem at odds with the almost halting progression of the music. Yet this does not cause the video to come off as inappropriate for the music. Rather, the video accents the music and draws out its rhythm into a very pleasing pulse of energy. The only criticism that I can make of the video editing is the lackluster ending. I’ll grant that there are not very many good ways to end a song like Short Skirt/Long Jacket, but I’m sure it could have been handled better than it was. The rest of the video easily makes up for this one weakness though. Between the mildly lip synced yet completely appropriate scenes and the expertly designed cutouts and frame positioning used throughout the majority of the video, Xris clearly demonstrates that he knows what kind editing he wants to show his viewers: the best–and only the best. And this video would be the best… if only Xris had used Pinkie Pie…
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Friendship is Manly by kanashiipanda

When magical unicorns and pretty princesses aren’t enough to satisfy your insatiable hunger for all things pony, you revert to Friendship is Manly. Nothing in the entire world can make you feel more masculine. If by some miracle you’re a woman, you will turn into a dude and grow huge muscles. As seen in this educational video. You may also gain the ability to make tea right in your mouth, or even just drink boiling water. In any case, you will walk away from this with more testosterone than the Italian army.
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