Foozogz – Behold by VictiniStar101

Announcing the royal Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle of Canterlot, Master Conjurer, Shadowslayer, Redeemer of the Night, Tamer of Chaos, Defender of the Crystal Empire. All rise for the entrance of the Princess… You may be seated.

We are honored to be in her royal highness’s presence on the day of her departure. Although the years have been long, we do not forget the radiance and wisdom with which Princess Twilight Sparkle has guided this town. We who were unworthy of such glory were embraced and loved by her majesty in both times of dire need and times of great joy. Through the seasons, we have seen her highness work with and for us through blistering sun and frigid snow. Always with great empathy and a fair hand has her highness judged even the most unworthy citizens. Therefore, for this and the many more reasons we have to celebrate each and every day, I, Mayor Mare of Ponyville, do bestow upon Princess Twilight Sparkle the highest honor this town can give: the Heart of Friendship Medallion. So that where ever her highness may go, the hearts of those whom she has touched with her kindness may go as well.
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