Riptide by chocalicorn

running down to the riptide

Hey this is daspacepony again! Today we have another feature from the BronyCon PMV Contest, it is “Riptide” by chocalicorn and it got First Place in the Feel Good category which definitely lives up to its status! I remember watching it for the first time and started dancing to the music and singing. The song is really catchy indeed and the perfect cuts added to the PMV’s lovely rhythm and style.

The typography is sufficient and not overbearing, coming up at just the right times. Creatively used to excite the viewer when it is appropriate.

There isn’t really an overarching story throughout the PMV, but instead it has the perfect scenes come up with the right lyrics that makes this really enjoyable to watch! The lightweight, casual feel is perhaps the best part about the PMV. With all the heavily glitchy action packed PMVs that are appearing recently, this lovely piece softens it up by keeping it simple and relaxed.

Lady, running down to the riptide~

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Destiny | daspacepony (PMV Contest Best In Show)

It’s been a while.

Hi everyone, TheLightLeavesThee here, and I have been bestowed the honor of writing about the Best In Show winner of the recent BronyCon PMV contest.

(and by bestowed, I meant I saw the list of videos and exclaimed “MINEMINEMINE I WILL WRITE ABOUT THI-” *cough*)

So, this video here is called Destiny, and it’s by the amazingly talented and super underappreciated “Daspacepony.”
And let me tell you. This video didn’t really help my Post Con Depression after BronyCon was over.

Destiny is the kind of video you don’t realize how truly amazing it is until multiple viewings, but holy hell, this video gets to me. Every time I watch it I feel something. I don’t get that too often from the PMV Community anymore. I’m glad to see some people still pride themselves in making me feel like crying into my popcorn (you jerks.)

So from a technical standpoint, it’s solid, good cuts and editing throughout with little details here and there to keep things fresh. Excellent pacing throughout as well, using just the right moments from the show at just the right time, with nothing ever quite feeling like “filler.” I like the bits of motion graphics at the end, incredibly smooth and well done, not to mention a way to pad out the ending with emotional impact that again, does not feel like filler.

I want more videos like this from our community, guys, videos with meaning, passion and heart put into them. I haven’t felt so strongly in love with a PMV like this since “The Stars Will Aid In Her Escape.”
It’s THAT good guys. Watch it if you haven’t already.

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I See Fire by tigresss

Here is a new Feel-Good PMV for you all, with some nice color effects and typography. It is set to the song by Ed Sheeran under the same name, and utilizes clips from various episodes throughout the show. Most of them involve enemies like Chrysalis, Discord and Nightmare Moon; but what I found intereating was their decision to include several shots from the episode Dragonshy.

I find this PMV to be very calming. Tigresss’ use of slow, cinematic shots and transitions were perfect for the song. After a day of stress, I am deeply enjoying watching this video on repeat. Especially if you like calming music and videos, I would recommend watching this. This guy is very good.

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Reach by MrDeLoop


Welcome back my dudes. Today we have a wonderful PMV from the overlord himself, MrDeLoop.

Now this PMV is simple as simple can be. And this is because it is a remastered version of DeLoop’s first ever full PMV. Now you may be thinking, “Why re make a perfectly good PMV?”. A lot of people have asked this question, and there’s more than one answer. The original was made back in 2011. Those who have been around since then will probably remember that the episodes were horribly de-saturated. Secondly, the editor has gained so much more skill and experience over the last 4 years that it was actually a pretty good idea to make this to show how far they’ve come.

But enough about why it was made, lets get to actually talking about what makes it great. Well most notably is just how great the editing is. Perfect cuts with perfect clips. Understandable from someone with so much experience. Then there’s the lip sync, which is some of the best lipsync I’ve seen from any PMV to date. Not only that, but I find that the singers voices match go well with each character chosen. Pretty clever if you ask me.

I personally think this is the best example of classic PMV editing this fandom has ever produced. But I’ll let you guys be the judges. Check it out bellow.

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Good Time by Buri Kim (Team Buri)

Hello loyal PMVToday fans! After all the excitement last week it’s good to have a weekend to just kick it and relax watching a normal PMV isn’t it? Except what I have here isn’t just your normal PMV and some of you won’t be kicking it. “But Dae314,” you whine, “you said we could kick it and relax!” Well that’s true for some of you because you’re about to have a really good time whether you like it or not, whether you have a good time by kicking it or not, and nothing you say will change it. Nope. No buts. You read this far already you might as well go watch the PMV and have a good time. And trust me you will have a great time watching this PMV. For one thing it’s a collaboration between Buri Kim (Team Buri), SuperEffectiveBros, F.Bat (I’m really sorry but I can’t find your channel), and Siemensohm (I’m really sorry but I can’t find your channel either). For another thing, there’s lots of charming hand drawn animation to admire. It’s certainly not professionally animated, but I’ve always had a soft spot for hand drawn art when it’s used well. Here’s to a great weekend everybody!
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Follow You by Alexander Clyde

Lets see… Alexander Clyde. Says here you’re with us today for multiple accounts of using random clips in a PMV in front of more than 1851 eye witnesses, choosing rad techno music for music videos, and one account of stalking which, when the questioned about the incident, you insist was just “following”. Young man, these allegations are very serious–I hope you understand that. Your videos are addicting and addiction reduces the productivity of the people. The internet doesn’t maintain itself you know and any distraction needs to be dealt with swiftly and with extreme prejudice. To that end, in reparation for your mischief you are hereby sentenced to publicly display your video, “Follow You” on PMVToday in order to give people easy access to your content. Since we cannot break people’s addiction to your PMV, we can only minimize its impact by making it easily accessible so people’s time is not spent searching for it. We hope you keep what has been said here in mind the next time you try to make a PMV.
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Waiting Lessons by ObbsessiveBookworm .

The Overlook

Image edited by Dae314
Hello everyone! Dae314 here this weekend with a normal post for once. That’s right I’m not going to address you as cupcakes or role play as Zordon/Sherlock this time. Nope. Just straight writing. You and me. And today we’re talking about a video that’s near and dear to everyone’s hearts, “Waiting Lessons” by ObbsessiveBookworm . (note the space and . after the name he/she is obbsessive after all). Everypony waiting for season 5 raise your left hoof. Everypony not waiting for season 5 stop reading this post and watch seasons 1-4. Waiting Lessons are lessons we all need right now, and Obbsessive drives that lesson into us with large raindrops, melancholy music, and slick editing. Getting the obvious out of the way, I don’t know about you but I absolutely loved the scenes where rain was used. It fit well and wasn’t too obnoxious. The rain went away when it should have gone away and it came back when it should have come back. Scene selection throughout the video was decent although the flashing border in the middle was a little lazy in my opinion. The border colors tended to match the scenes but something with a little more impact would have been welcome. I’m not so sure the waiting lesson was conveyed very well because at the end of the video I was aching for some new episodes. Perhaps a revisit to some of the awesome old episodes Obbsessive drew from would satisfy the beast at least for a little while. So please enjoy the video then go back to waiting impatiently like you were before you watched the video.
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Pinkie’s Long Song by Pinkamena Tuxedo Pie


Who here is ready for another dark and gritty pinkamena video from the one and only PTP?!  I SURE AM!!!

Oh… Wait a second… This isn’t dark.  It’s happy.  What the hay is going on here?

Well folks, it seems like The Tuxedo Pie has hummed a new tune in this video.  While the normal video I see from this editor is about the dark side of Pinkie, this one embraces the pink pony into the light.  We see some great happiness techniques used here like a little bit of motion blurring (ok, a lot of blurring) and some incredibly fitting bloom effects.

Unfortunately the fates conspired against PTP and his computer during the editing process, and it was tough for him to get this one out.  I’m pretty sure this is a message from the PMV gods telling him to make more dark vids.  And while I certainly hope he’ll continue to put some Manson tunes on the screen, I think he did a decent job on this one.

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