Cycle of Love by M1guel1980

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Break out the spile and bucket, because things are about to get sappy.

Ugh. That was a bad joke. Anyway, let’s move on. This custom animation is a real treat. Clocking in at over five minutes, there is plenty to love here. The song is romantic and feelsy, and the footage has a smooth, slightly surreal style that fits well. I was having a little bit of trouble following the plot of it, however, although I guess it couldn’t be too complicated, really. I felt bad for the cyan/blonde pony, though, I do know that.

It may not be the best animation I have ever seen, but I can tell that a lot of work and love was put into this, and I really loved some of the visuals that have been created here. It’s emotional, romantic, and entertaining. What more could you ask for?

Check it out below!

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Pinkie’s Long Song by Pinkamena Tuxedo Pie


Who here is ready for another dark and gritty pinkamena video from the one and only PTP?!  I SURE AM!!!

Oh… Wait a second… This isn’t dark.  It’s happy.  What the hay is going on here?

Well folks, it seems like The Tuxedo Pie has hummed a new tune in this video.  While the normal video I see from this editor is about the dark side of Pinkie, this one embraces the pink pony into the light.  We see some great happiness techniques used here like a little bit of motion blurring (ok, a lot of blurring) and some incredibly fitting bloom effects.

Unfortunately the fates conspired against PTP and his computer during the editing process, and it was tough for him to get this one out.  I’m pretty sure this is a message from the PMV gods telling him to make more dark vids.  And while I certainly hope he’ll continue to put some Manson tunes on the screen, I think he did a decent job on this one.

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With or Without You by Red Card


Rarity: “Et tu, Sweetie Belle?”

Translation: “U2, Sweetie Belle?”

Okay, okay, that joke was in bad taste, but Mario and Luigi got a laugh out of it, I bet. Because they’re Italian, and… nevermind.

Let’s start again, shall we? Today’s PMV is an enjoyable and simple one, set to a great Et Tu—er, U2 song. The flapping pony mouths during certain instrumental parts was a bit distracting, but overall, the editing is pretty smooth, and the scene choices carry a good vibe throughout, and follow the lyrics with supreme literalness at times. Really, this is a solid and feel-good montage of some of the best parts of the show, set to a great classic song.

Check it out below, and head over to the author’s channel to leave a comment or subscribe!


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Fireflies by Unr3al Gamer/PMV’s


Hello everybody! rainbowdashzx here again to bring you another PMV! (We don’t post these often, so this is a real treat, guys..) Tonight’s PMV is of a song by Owl City. Owl City has been PMVed to death by the fandom, and for good reason. The cheery music, smooth vocals, and generally positive messages blend together with what Friendship is Magic is, to bring forth a heartwarming video almost always! And this one is no exception! Unr3al Gamer/PMV’s brings us a PMV that hits every note, every emotion, and keeps you smiling the whole way through. Check it out below!


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Piano Mare by Paul Miller IV


You know, at this point we might as well rechristen this site “PMIV Today”, because every time we turn around, another video has been released by this talented PMV producer. The subject of our most recent spotlight has struck gold once again, this time lending his high-and-tight editing expertise to one of the most iconic musical performances in rock history. Everything you already know about the reddest card on the field is on prominent display in this video, perhaps even done a little bit better. And that’s the true calling card of a fame-worthy editor: the ability to improve with every video. To all the up-and-comers out there, I offer this advice: Watch this video, take good notes, and practice practice practice.

Keep your ears open, by the way, for our Editor Spotlight interview with the man himself, which was conducted earlier today, and will be available at some point in the very near future.

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Iris by Paul Miller IV

Greetings my fellow weekend warriors. Dae314 here this week with YANVFPM (yet another new video from Paul Miller IV). If you’ve been following many of Paul’s videos you’ll have noticed the general trend in them is to focus on choosing the most absurdly appropriate scenes for every second of the song. With perfect scenes chosen, everything is then glued together with simple cuts. The result is a very calm video that plays out almost cinematically. There is very little to complain about in any single Paul Miller video. However taken as a body of work, the style is beginning to feel stagnant. When set to the right song though, Paul’s editing style can be quite pleasing. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls is one of those right songs. The song was originally written for a movie so it’s no surprise that Paul’s cinematic editing fits it to a T. The soothing melody and positive message in the lyrics flows naturally with Paul’s excellently chosen scenes and no frills style. Perhaps the most surprising portion of the video comes at about 1:58 when Paul actually uses an effect on his scenes in order to match the music. I would’ve expected him to do some quick cuts instead. The change is welcome though and perhaps it points to Paul becoming a little more flexible with his editing.
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Moscow | The TIme of My Life | Danger Zone by Paul Miller IV


Hey folks! rainbowdashzx here to bring you three recent and great PMVs from an artist who you might recognize by now. The one and only Paul Revere Miller IV! He’s known for making particularly simple, yet entertaining PMVs focused more on scene selection and lip-sync than overwhelming your mind with effects straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. His videos are fun to watch and they always manage to bring a smile to my face. Tonight I’ve decided to merge three of his more recent video in to one post. Tonight I’ve got for you Moscow, The Time of My Life, and Danger Zone. Three very different songs with very different emotions and feel to them! Check them out below!

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Sunshine by Lord Pony


Tonight I’ve got for you a very lovely, inspiring, and chill-inducing PMV by our very own Lord Pony! A different take and look on the battle between Queen Chrysalis and Princess Celestia. The scene selection, the great editing, and the very.. moving track all tie in together to bring you one excellent, jaw-dropping PMV! It’s a very fun ride the whole way through, and there’s not much more to say. Check it out below!

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A Thousand Miles by Paul Miller IV


Hey folks! rainbowdashzx here to bring you another PMV. I’ve been thinking, too.. we don’t get enough of these here. If only we could have a website dedicated to just… ah, never mind. Silly idea. Moving on!Paul Miller IV once again killing it in scene selection, putting great scene choices to what he calls “One of the most popular songs ever written in the past 20 years.” And he’s certainly not wrong on that account. The video stays paced well, and relies, much like on his “This is Our Story” PMV, on scene selection to drive emotions forward past what the track itself presents. It’s a very comforting and relaxing feeling to see simple and nice editing once in awhile. It was a great PMV, it was fun to watch, and you should definitely check it out below!

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