R.A.M. by DynamicSeagull


I’m going to put a feels tag on this one. It has a nice relaxing pace, very effective effects, and a lovely overall tone to it. I’ve never really heard of Daft Punk before, but this song merits a deeper investigation into their music! I only remember them doing the soundtrack to Tron, so I think their music will be the latest addition to my phone.  The video does a good job of linking the feel of the song to the show in a particularly unique way!

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The Educated Foal by KingMadward Hatchet

Hello everybody! rainbowdashzx here signing on for the first time! I’m very excited to be an author here at PMVToday, and look forward to doing more posts in the future! You’ll be seeing posts from me primarily on Saturdays! I’m a tech-savvy person, and really enjoy computers, as well as reverse-engineering just about everything.  I will try my best to bring you all some very entertaining material for your weekends!

Today I bring you all a PMV which I found very entertaining, and has great clip selection! I found that the great selection of clips was helped greatly by the amount in which they matched the lyrics. It has very good story-telling, and a really good pace. I enjoyed every minute of it! The only suggestion I could have for him, as well as all of you, is of course.. more ponies. Wait- you’re still reading this?! GO WATCH IT!

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Beneath the Surface (Orchestrated) by Jaref


Feels! Come get your feels! Get ‘em while they’re hot! You want ‘em? We got ‘em! Or at least, this video has ‘em!

This PMV is sort of a remake of another video  by Jaref, but this time it’s purely instrumental and orchestral and stuff, which adds a whole new layer of colorful, sugary, gooey feels (emotion is like fruit roll-ups, you see)  to what was an already emotional video. I always enjoy feelsy videos without lyrics, because the meaning and the vibe you get from it is a lot more interpretable than usual. Is it happy? Is it sad? Is it both? Is it bacon? You decide.

In any case (and remake or no), Jaref did a great job with this one. Prepare your body for feelings, and then check it out below! And don’t forget to drop by Jaref’s channel and leave him some feedback!

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Love Like That by TheDanielsaur


Today’s video is just full of good old fashioned love. The kind that makes you want to run out of the room and give someone you love a hug. Go on, I’ll wait until you get back.

…Alright, didn’t that feel good? Besides all the good feels, this PMV does an awesome job keeping the flow of scenes going, with each one the perfect length to get the point across before moving on to the next. It also used some some snazzy colorization effects to accentuate the beat which was a nice addition.

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Gone, Gone, Gone. by rainbowdashzx

The saga of Twilight Sparkle is far from over, and the possibility that her new alicorn nature will force her to long outlive her friends is a sobering thought to contemplate. This video puts Twilight’s whole life to a very fitting song, ending with scenes from the already very sad “Eternity’s End” animation by GalaxyartForever. It’s no simple task to turn a children’s cartoon into a thoughtful examination of life, death, and immortality, but this video succeeds in that without any trouble at all.

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“Someone’s Watching Over Me” by TangyNeonz


There’s something inherently beautiful about the power of friendship. When life seems to be at its darkest, sometimes all it takes is a good friend to make everything all better. Someone who has your back during the hard times, and is there to share the good. Someone you can count on no matter what. That’s the message that I feel this PMV conveys, and it does a spectacular job at that. It’s also very clean and well-timed, which also appeals to me since that’s what I strive for in my own work.

You know, it’s videos like this that remind me of how this show, and how making my own PMVs, has brought me into a great community of friends. Really made me think about how far I’ve come and grown as a person because of all of this. And I’m not ashamed to admit it; that thought, and this PMV, moved me to tears. It’s a very powerful, very feelsy work of art, and I thank the editor who put this together.

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“Lullaby For a Princess” | By AtraDemonica


You can call me The Spawner since that is my chosen name and or title. Signing in as the latest addition to Pmv today. I enjoy elaborating about Equestria and PMVs, talking about how they can affect us and make us emote, on that note.


Do you know that tingling feeling you get, when something is too epic? That feeling was my whole initial impression with this Pmv. Which based on its style I want to call a “Story book PMV”.

Princess Luna and Princess Celestia’s relation has been a focus of the community ever since it really first came to be. And here we have a stunning piece which illustrates Celestia’s depression that followed after banishing her sister in the moon. The PMV features good use of incorporating text into the flow of images, and the video itself is animated just enough to seem, alive.

I consider this a “storybook Pmv” or a “living storybook”. The reason is that it has Limited (yet smooth) movement and an outlined story as its main focus. Even its sections feels like pages, being sung one after another. That is where its strength lies. I find it enjoyable when a Pmv is story focused. But this is positively something else, this is a story which is Pmv focused. A story most of us know, yet never seen like this.


Backstory [added info]: This Pmv is based on a comic made by RussianKolz, who drew the comic as an homage to the song “lullaby for a princess” made by Ponyphonic (RussianKolz confimed this). And that same song by Ponyphonic is the song this Pmv is made to. First a song, then a comic, and finally a video which unites them. Things like this is the reason I sunk into this fandom, Which I never regret.

I approve this.


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Make Your Own Kind of Music by AWisePony

Click image to go to artwork source

If any pony could be said to make her own kind of music… it’s Pinkie Pie! She certainly dances to the beat of a different drum, doesn’t she? Today’s PMV is all about that lovable pink pony and the (sometimes annoying) music she makes just by living! Speaking of music, the classic track used in this video is certainly not the genre one would immediately associate with Pinkie Pie. It is somewhat down-tempo, chill and relaxed… all three adjectives that almost never apply to Pinkie. But somehow, it also seems to fit perfectly.

The editing is smooth, well timed, and flows very nicely with the mellow music. The scenes chosen fit really nicely and to me they add a level of emotional depth that is a bit beyond the Pinkie Pie standard. It’s more akin to the deeper side of Pinkie that we catch glances of in certain episodes. She’s more than “just” a party girl. She’s a unique and friendly pony who isn’t afraid to just be herself, and is genuinely more interested in others than in herself. In other words, she makes her own kind of music!

But enough about Pinkie. You’re not here to read about her, but to watch a great video about her, right? So go watch it, and be sure to drop by AWisePony’s channel to leave a compliment!

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BBBFF ~ Feels edition by The Talkie Toaster

Filly Twilight is so cuuute! Almost as cute as baby Applejack. *ahem* Anyway, I think the remix of the BBBFF song used in this PMV is even better than the original, with a more emotional tone that the video takes full advantage of. The glowy audio spectrum is an awesome effect, and when the scenes fade in behind the glow it’s a beautiful thing. The color gradients used throughout also give it a really nice and unique feel.

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