Lost by Alanj2007 Games

Holy editing workflows Batman!  Alanj2007 is back with another video less than a week after his previous Scribble piece.  Apparently, love is in the air this February as this new one centers around the ship you see above^^.

Something that our editor seems to be fond of in his own style is the particle generated stars that provide a nice flare, and of course, typography.  The particles fit really nicely with the song and the atmosphere of the video in general.  The typography movement can be a bit too jumpy or too smooth at times, but overall it’s a nice thing to watch.

Set sail in your favorite canon-equipped ship and expect a mix of ponies, words, humans with oddly shaped bodies, and more below!

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{FlashLight} Dear future husband (✿ ♥‿♥) by MartaPD2

Official best ship! -Hasbro. Probably.
“Official best ship!” -Hasbro. Probably.

What helps you when you’re lost in the dark? Flashlight!

What helps when you’re lost in the hiatus? FlashLight!

That’s right folks, shipping is the cure for the hiatus blues. And who could deny that everyone’s favorite waifu stealer, Flash Sentry Brad, and Twilight were made for one another? After all, our overlord Habsro has decreed it. Who can argue with that logic?!


Thank you to The(Twi)LightLeavesThee for submitting the One True Ship, you will be spared mandatory re-education… At least until Equestria Girls 3.


Joking aside, this is actually a well edited video and despite its very short length, was well thought out and planned.

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