Critical Acclaim by rainbowdashzx

Equestria.  You will never find a more wretched hive of ponies and villainy…

Oh, and metal!

This next PMV by rainbowdashzx is OVER 5 MINUTES LONG and features a lot of angry horses screaming along to the sound of A7X.  The effects and theatrical style of everything make it seem like a real music video (minus the instruments) and the sound effects at the beginning do a great job of filling in empty space.  With the color correction and flashing lights, things were kept at pace with the song, which is always something hard to do.

The video is sensually beautiful.  Fantastic lip sync and nice atmosphere abounded and made all of the scenes work with the music.  The problem is, they didn’t work with themselves.  I have no clue what this video is about.  It seems to me like pure matching with the music and perhaps a general focus on evil versus good.  I invite you to check it out below and tell us what you think the focus is, but either way it’s a good visual experience if you aren’t afraid of flashing lights.

[Epilepsy Warning]

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Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling – by DoubleRainbowfilly


Hey all! Tonight we have a flashy PMV by DoubleRainbowfilly. Making good use of the new footage we’ve gotten already, this video has quite a few scenes stretching from S1 to S5.

One effect I noticed that was used quite a bit was keying (as opposed to masking). It’s an interesting choice as it’s rarely used in PMVs. Some of that keying was spectacular, and the compositing made for some really interesting scenes overall. The editor here really showed good usage, however there were a few scenes that I wondered why it was there, like the black on the tree house before the transition and on the mannequins (the next scene was perfect though with the composited footage). Transitions were also quite well done, and I particularly liked the blinds effect.


Check it out for yourself!


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