Kindness by DXIndustriesInc

Hi, DeLoop here. I’d just like to step in and show you all something.

I could write an entire book, or ten, about this video. It’s a gift I received for my birthday from my best friend. He’s been going through a hell of a lot over the past few months.

It broke me. It overwhelmed me and filled me with emotion, pushed me to tears and left me visibly shaken. It renders me speechless to think about our friendship, his struggles and how incredible this is. It’s the best gift I’ve ever received. It’s honestly beautiful.

I just ask that you watch it. You may not know the details and how much turbulence our relationship has been through, but I’d just like to bring it to your attention.

Thank you.

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Wings by I Blazer I


Hi, we’re PMVToday and we’ll post anything we can find. All jokes aside, you can pack quite a lot in to just 30 seconds of PMV, and this video proves that.

So today’s video is by I Blazer I, known for making short but snappy motion graphics heavy PMV’s. And to be honest, although this looks great, I feel there’s a lot of recycled ideas here. As much as I’m against the idea that all motion graphics PMV’s are the same, some parts of this video make it hard argue against that point. For example at 00:4 he clearly took inspiration from Acleps’ Dive Game PMV, and that’s just a start. I’m not going to point out every single recycled idea, because it did obviously take a lot of time and effort to make.

I like what the creator has done here, and it’s enjoyable to watch. I do feel they have a lot of potential, they just need to bring something new to the table.

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PMV Double Feature: The Trees and Instamatic by DRUMMERSHY


Happy Friday everyone! Hope it’s going well!

Today we have a double feature, with both The Trees and Instamatic by DRUMMERSHY.

Our first feature of our double feature, The Trees, is to the song by Rush. As you can imagine, it’s filled with trees and that yellow pony that wanted to be one.

As an editor, I had some issues with the Trees, mostly that the effects were a bit too random and non nonsensical, and there were some cuts that really could have used some work.


Secondly we have Blue Fast in Instamatic.

From a critical standpoint, I rather enjoyed Instamatic. It really felt like 180 from The Trees. Where the The Trees felt random at times, Instamatic seems to have been really on point and is a real improvement. The editing was rather well done and mature in comparison. Worth the watch for sure.


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Please Don’t Break Me by HARUS STUDIO

We need an entire season of only Best Pony Fluttershy.  I’d settle for just a movie though. Or a side series.

As for today we’ll have to be content with a lovely PMV by a relatively new editor: HARUS STUDIO.  Apparently this is only their third pony music video and it’s powerful, professional, and pretty promising.

The amazing thing about this video is its sense of atmosphere.  The movement and effects are absolutely stunning when combined with the music, and there’s such a great use of background and foreground.  It also has a style very suitable for build-ups in the beginning and when the break down hits we find an incredibly appropriate change to straight videos of the best pony in the world.  All of these things really get you into the video when combined with toned lighting and smooth colors.

Enjoy a well edited, well thought out, and well presented PMV below!

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P.S. If you’re wondering why Fluttershy is so sad, she saw that this editor only has a couple of subs. :(  Go subscribe!

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I Dreamed A Dream by Bridleway462gha


Les Marérables pun does not work as well as Neigh Misérables.  For that, I give the editor utmost respect.

So if any of you guys out there like this musical thing, you’re in for a treat today.  If you haven’t found out already, Bridleway has been doing a big old series of PMVs to the tune of the play, including its own casting assignments and story translations.  There are some great literal scenes in here that correspond directly to the lyrics and the ssssslllllooooowwwww—–mmmmooooo really gives the scenes an incredibly theatrical design.  I thought that was legitimately interesting.

However, I’m not one for the whole story about some girl named Fanta and that dude Jeans al jeans or whatever his name was.  Not to mention that I’m pretty sure the entire musical score only has one note.  So I’m not entirely in tune with the inside references that might be in this video, but I sure do know that these effects were used properly, despite them being a bit simple.

So if you dig jeans and Fanta, you’ll definitely love this!  Check it below. (And yay for Fluttershy PMVs!)

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Flutter by TheDanielsaur


Breaking news, folks. You may want to sit down for this one. Are you ready for this? Here it goes: Fluttershy is a cute pony.

I know, I know. It’s hard to believe, but it is true. We in the fandom like so much to focus our art, music, and videos on Flutters being mean, or a bat, or…a tree, (I admit, I myself am guilty of that last one on more than one occasion.) that sometimes we forget that the core of her character is just being super-super-super adorable. So submitted for your benefit and your pleasure, PMV Today viewer, this is the single most adorable Fluttershy PMV on the Internet today. A very bold claim, to be sure, but this video certainly lives up to it. Great song, great colors, just plain great everything. If you’re looking for a sunny, happy special feeling that’s going to stay with you all day, you just found one. Enjoy it, pals!

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The Conversation by Dr_Stables



Hey guys

Guess who my favorite pony is?

Yep.  It’s Snips.

JUST KIDDING, but back to the real best pony, we have an excellent PMV today that centers around Fluttershy and her inability to have a conversation with others.  It’s message becomes really well developed throughout the entire video as we see how the lack of ability to communicate has really caused the best pony a lot of problems.  Normally, one might complain about her shyness, or perhaps see the adorable pegasus as a doormat.  But Dr. Stables really takes a nice approach to a common message by putting a different yet thematically similar spin on it.  Personally, it’s refreshing to see that somebody knows how to diagnose Fluttershy’s flaws so specifically.

As for effects, well they might be a bit too much off the hook.  I’m not talking about epilepsy warnings.  There are just so many different effects used that it almost starts to look messy near the middle.  However, I do enjoy the consistency of the grid-like and vignette effects.  These are used really well for the style of the song and they do match the overall tone.

Check out the best pony in Equestria below.  #AllaboutthatFlutter

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Sight Unseen by Unr3al Gamer/PMV’s and SpectraPony

Welcome to the weekend everyone! I’m Dae314 and today I have a special double feature for you. The divine powers of BlackGrypn0n’s and Baasik’s have bestowed upon us a song so good it’s likely to make rainbows randomly appear in the sky. Two notable editors, Unr3al Gamer/PMV’s and SpectraPony, took up the challenge of PMVing this song. Both of them did the song justice using similar scenes and theme choices. Their videos are shown below in no particular order. Indeed, it is hard to say which video was more pleasing to watch. After finishing these videos you’ll probably want to spend the rest of your weekend spreading peace and joy to those around you so I won’t stand in your way anymore. Enjoy.

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Fireflies by Unr3al Gamer/PMV’s


Hello everybody! rainbowdashzx here again to bring you another PMV! (We don’t post these often, so this is a real treat, guys..) Tonight’s PMV is of a song by Owl City. Owl City has been PMVed to death by the fandom, and for good reason. The cheery music, smooth vocals, and generally positive messages blend together with what Friendship is Magic is, to bring forth a heartwarming video almost always! And this one is no exception! Unr3al Gamer/PMV’s brings us a PMV that hits every note, every emotion, and keeps you smiling the whole way through. Check it out below!


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