How Applejack Won The War by Corpse Run Comics


Hello strangers! DeLoop’s back again, trudging through the PMV drought to bring you whippersnappers something to sink your teeth into. Don’t forget there’s a little under 2 weeks to submit your entries to our¬†contest, by the way! We’re excited to see more entries from you guys.

Today I thought I’d feature an animation based on a song from the classic parody series “Friendship Is Witchcraft”. And man, it sure is hilariously dark. The animation certainly brings a whimsical charm to the original song, based on Applejack being a ruthless soldier and leading a war. There’s just something distinctly hilarious about the combination of lighthearted MLP and serious dark undertones. I guess that’s part of the reason I love FiW’s songs so much.

The art style and animation is great. It has a¬†cartoon nature about it that works well. It’s not perfect and I’m not blown away by it, but it’s pretty good nonetheless. I especially enjoyed the musical elements that the animation played to, even incorporating some PMV elements throughout. It’s a fun little musical parody, one that we don’t get nearly enough of. I’d love to see more original animations in this style.

Ruminate on your crimes below.

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Friendship is Witchcraft: Horse Women Part 1 by Sherclop Pones

After a long wait, we have been treated to another episode of Friendship is Witchcraft! This time Sherclop Pones is tackling the Equestria Girls movie so you know there is a ton of great stuff to parody there. I love the return of Luna with a big speaking part, her voice never ceases to make me giggle. As usual they’ve included an entire original song which is quite good, but the best part was the “this is what it looks like from Twilight’s perspective, and this is what everyone else sees” gag at the end. Looking forward to the next part in the series!

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Friendship is Witchcraft Episode 8 by Sherclop Pones

Hey everyone! Starting today we’re going to be compiling the episodes of all those awesome original series out there, in our new Abridged Series section of the site!

To start us off, here is the recently released new episode of Friendship is Witchcraft, which just might be their funniest one yet!

Friendship is Witchcraft – Episode 8

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