Open Your Eyes by Pyrobug0


Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Tuesday.  I’ve come to show you this beautiful PMV made by Pyrobug0 called Open Your Eyes.  This video won Judge’s Pick in the Everfree Northwest 2016 PMV contest, and let me tell you, this video is highly deserving of that.  This is probably one of the best show footage PMVs I’ve ever seen.  Heck, it might even be one of the best PMVs I’ve seen period.  Seriously, the scene choices are perfect, the emotions in the video are spot on, and there are little things added throughout the video, so you may have to watch it a couple times to catch everything.  All around, this video is a great work of editing, and I can’t fault it.  I hope we see more from Pyrobug in the future!

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All in This Together by AlanJ2007 Games


Hiya!  My name is chocalicorn, and this is my first post on PMV Today.  I have been making PMV’s for a little while now, and I like to think that I know what I’m doing.  Enough me talk, let’s get on to the video!

This time, AlanJ2007 Games is back with a brand new video.  The video follows friendship, and shows how Twilight and her friends are All in This Together, as the song suggests.  The video also shows how Twilight can rekindle her relationships with old friends.  Now for the technical stuff, first, we get an nice, clean intro, and then it jumps right into some pretty neat visuals.  This video really hits the spot for me, because I’m a sucker for good typography.  Alan has a really good eye for picking which effects to use, and when to use them.  I was sort of expecting more as the intensity of the song gets higher, but that’s just me.

All in all, this is a really well made PMV, and I encourage you all to check it out. down below.

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Madness by Chocalicorn


Hello everyone. Jack here again, and I’m gonna start this post off with an apology. You may have noticed that I didn’t post anything last week. Well, it was a result of my depression/social anxiety. I won’t go into too much detail, but I just felt so bad that I kinda wanted to exile myself from everything. I was in a very bad state, but I’m feeling better now. Anyway, enough about me. Let’s get to the PMV.

Made by Chocalicorn, using the song “Madness” by Muse, this PMV focuses mainly on Twilight, and how she has evolved during the show’s progression. Powered by the love she has for her friends, she is able to overcome any obstacle she faces. I feel this story was told well here, and the gradual progression of show clips and filters used led to some good pacing. As the song builds up to its climax, so does the pacing and the effects used, focusing on static typography mixed in of images/clips of Twilight and her friends, showing how much their love really means. I enjoyed the ending scenes to this PMV a lot, as I felt the build-up to that point was there from the beginning, and it definitely carried an emotional and powerful message.

Although some people may consider this PMV simple by nature, I still highly urge people to check this one out. It proves that the best stories don’t have to be told in the fanciest ways. I think Chocalicorn is a talented editor, and I look forward to what he has in store next.

Check out the PMV for Madness below!

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Come On by Stellafera

Ya know, I’ve always really disliked Spike as a character.


So drop what you’re doing and listen up, because this new one by Stellafera will change everything you thought you knew (maybe) about the purple pair .  First answer: No, it is not a shipping PMV.  It’s really just a fantastic journey through the relationship of two wonderfully interwoven characters.  Heck, one might say it’s pretty “d’awwwn cute!” *Badum Tss*

The video not only recounts the times the two adventured throughout Equestria together, but it shows their failures in the show and how they pick themselves up.  All of the editor’s scenes really tie in literally with the lyrics and show just how much Panic!’s words relate to what’s going on.  It’s a story about everlasting friendship, shared failures and victories, and at the end there’s a beginning.  And of course, Stella tells it best below!

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Best Friends Theme Song by Arthychaud

Hello friend. My name is Fred. The words you read come from my head. I say I said my name is Fred. And I’ve been… very naughty. The video I’m about to show, one I thought you ought to know, is by editor Arthychaud, and how he’s been… naughty. Voila the video is here with precious clips and captions clear. My heart beat fast as the end grew near. I felt so nice… and naughty. I thought of how excited they, the ponies as they laughed and played, must be to be shown today. They’d shout “huzzah hulay”! Dear friend you look so… naughty. And suddenly my eyes beheld a Pinkie Pie, like pie she smelled. P-I-N-K-I-E is what she spelled, and that’s how I spell… naughty… What you see above, what you see below, betwixt they my craft bestowed the one called Pinkie Pie with a face that was very… naughty.

To my friends,
from Fred
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Raging Fire by Red Card

Happy weekend everyone! Dae314 here to tell you to stop panicking because Red Card is back. That’s right it’s the same Red Card (or PaulMillerIV if you knew him as that) you know and love. It feels like it’s been forever since I did my last Red Card review. (un?)Fortunately, Red Card’s style has not changed at all in the time that I didn’t hear from him. If you’ve read one Red Card review, you’ve read them all. So instead I’m going to make this one fun for you by playing a game! It’s called the “Red Card Drinking Game”. Please note that if you are under the legal drinking age in your part of the world you can still participate with candy or soda or whatever your favorite edible object is. Red Card tends to reuse some scenes in a lot of his videos. Every time you see one of those scenes that you KNOW is from at least 3 of his other videos take a drink. For example, any time you see a scene from any part of the “At the Galla” song, take a drink. Any time you see a scene from the opening animation, take a drink. And take drink on pretty much any scene where a pony is raising one hoof and waving it through the air while they sing a note. Also go ahead and drain whatever’s left when you see that scene where all of the characters have their elements on and do a mid-air hug around Twilight. If you’re a Red Card fan you’ll doubtless see more opportunities. Have fun!
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