Riptide by chocalicorn

running down to the riptide

Hey this is daspacepony again! Today we have another feature from the BronyCon PMV Contest, it is “Riptide” by chocalicorn and it got First Place in the Feel Good category which definitely lives up to its status! I remember watching it for the first time and started dancing to the music and singing. The song is really catchy indeed and the perfect cuts added to the PMV’s lovely rhythm and style.

The typography is sufficient and not overbearing, coming up at just the right times. Creatively used to excite the viewer when it is appropriate.

There isn’t really an overarching story throughout the PMV, but instead it has the perfect scenes come up with the right lyrics that makes this really enjoyable to watch! The lightweight, casual feel is perhaps the best part about the PMV. With all the heavily glitchy action packed PMVs that are appearing recently, this lovely piece softens it up by keeping it simple and relaxed.

Lady, running down to the riptide~

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MLP Indonesian Intro by Animerge


I got stuck in a time travelling washing machine. Probably not a good enough excuse, but alas I make my glorious return with a flash bang and whallop. Hello! Hi. Yes. Okay. Let me hang my coat up and take my shoes off.

I’ll be honest with you, my motivation for this site kinda dwindles when there’s a bunch of life stuff that gets in the way. But like a fish to water, you guys are my addiction that I always come crawling back to. So here we have a really underappreciated yet neat fanmade intro for the show! Reminiscent of many Japanese animoo openings (not that I’m an expert), the video has a great sense of presentation and style. There’s some nice masking, a great showcase of the episodes and some visuals that really shine. The ending kinda reminded me of Feedsy’s work yet added a breath of fresh air to it, a twist to the concept of 3D colored lights twirling around one another. Always nice to see this type of content – it really gives the editor a chance to impress.

All in all, this was a delight to watch. 5 years of pony, 5 years of remarkable talent. I want this site to really put a spotlight on those who deserve it, and it’s really hard to think that this guy only has 146 views and 2 subscribers to his name. I’m not sure this site will send him spiraling into horse fame, but I hope it does help at least a bit. Give him some love!

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Lovers On The Sun by Athil MV

Hello guys and gals! Bringing you with a neat simple PMV by Athil MV and with a David Guetta song! This is one of those simple PMVs where it doesn’t use filters like barely or at all, and this one is that but it’s really good. The scenes used fit well with the song’s atmosphere and mood. And I like when the style changed quite a bit with the small scenes passing by and a lens flary background as well as the hearts transition around the second beat drop of the song. It’s a really nice touch to a great simple but satisfying PMV. Go watch it down below!

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Our New Intelligence by ObsessiveBookworm


Posts so nice, I did it twice!

Jack here once again, bringing you another PMV that was entered into this year’s BronyCon PMV Contest. This PMV, made by ObsessiveBookworm (who is, personally, one of my favourite PMV makers within the fandom) placed second in the Feel Good category, and right from the get-go, you can see the time and effort that was put into the video for it to achieve that spot.

What I’ve always loved about ObsessiveBookworm’s work is how all the clips on screen match the music incredibly well, and this PMV proves no exception to that rule. However, there’s a lot more to this PMV than that. The excellent use of typography (which made this PMV feel more fun and lively), as well as the motion and placement of the vectors and masks, which kick in near the middle of the video, just shows how much work ObsessiveBookworm put into this PMV, and how far they’ve come in terms of their editing skills. Add to that the occasional use of motion graphics, and you have a wonderful combination of sound and visuals.

As stated before, I am a huge fan of ObsessiveBookworm’s work, and it’s great to see them evolve so much with every new PMV they release. I can’t really wait to see what’s next.

Check out the PMV for “Our New Intelligence” below!

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(EXPLICIT) A Very Special Message For a Very Special Someone by chocalicorn

pouting rarity

Hello, I’m NameGoes, and I am one of the writers here on PMV Today. You probably don’t know who I am, and that’s because I don’t make content for the fandom. Anyways, let’s get to this fun PMV by chocalicorn.

So, this video is obviously pointed at a certain ‘special’ someone, and I’m sure that he/she ‘enjoyed’ it. It features all of the mane six at some time or another (though not so much with Rarity and AJ) and boasts a very catchy song. I would definitely say it has a lighthearted feel through it, but it is rather difficult to categorize aside from saying its fun.

Something I really like about this PMV is the use of character expressions, body language, faces, etc, which definitely shows that chocalicorn knows the show and its scenes well. I also liked the presentation in general, the jolly and rather casual mood throughout really speaks for chocalicorn’s ability to carry a tone, and while the typography was somewhat simple, it was still well done for what it is, and is by no means lacking.

Overall, I really liked this PMV, and I hope you do too, go check it out below!

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Semi-Automatic by DeathlyPumpkin

Cuz she’s TWISTED UP, inside.

You’ll understand after you hear the song.

While DeathlyPumpkin isn’t a name we hear often in the PMV scene, it certainly seems like the author has amassed a fair amount of followers.  And this video shows why: the simple yet thematically in depth style mixes well with their lip synching and song-appropriate transitions.  It’s a really fitting style for the music due to its often soloed singer and simple rhythm.

One very important part about this video that makes stand out from the rest is its transitions though.  And while you might initially say “What’s the big deal?  I’ve seen that windows movie-maker flip transition a thousand times before,” there is something stylistically matching that goes on.  The reason those WMM types of transitions are frowned upon is because they can sometimes seem too cartoony or casual for the song at hand.  But in this case, the style fits perfectly with the bounce of the tune.

Go see why we’ve got some twisted up horses in ponyville below!

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The Phoenix by rainbowdashzx

Atten-TION! MAGGOTS! Why are you still sitting there staring at your screens? Do you think this is just any post? DO YOU? Well you’re wrong MAGGOT! This here is grade A quality hand crafted AWESOMESAUCE. I personally guarantee that you have not had any such thing in your life. ANY SUCH THING! Are you listening to me? Watching this video will mentally prepare you for the horrors you are about to face in the coming months until Season 5 is released. YOU ARE NOT PREPARED to combat the enemies you will face: hunger for pony magic, thirst for friendship and acceptance, and loss of allies and friends. You must weather the winds of uncertainty, the waters of false rumors, and shield yourself from the frequent troll raids. This video will MAKE YOU PREPARED. Each buttery transition will remind you that change is coming, each softly textured scene will give you shelter for the storm, and every word in the song will steel your soul for the troubles to come. Keep it in your favorites list and refer to it often. Be prepared, the road is long but you must make it… for all our sakes.
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Foozogz – Behold by VictiniStar101

Announcing the royal Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle of Canterlot, Master Conjurer, Shadowslayer, Redeemer of the Night, Tamer of Chaos, Defender of the Crystal Empire. All rise for the entrance of the Princess… You may be seated.

We are honored to be in her royal highness’s presence on the day of her departure. Although the years have been long, we do not forget the radiance and wisdom with which Princess Twilight Sparkle has guided this town. We who were unworthy of such glory were embraced and loved by her majesty in both times of dire need and times of great joy. Through the seasons, we have seen her highness work with and for us through blistering sun and frigid snow. Always with great empathy and a fair hand has her highness judged even the most unworthy citizens. Therefore, for this and the many more reasons we have to celebrate each and every day, I, Mayor Mare of Ponyville, do bestow upon Princess Twilight Sparkle the highest honor this town can give: the Heart of Friendship Medallion. So that where ever her highness may go, the hearts of those whom she has touched with her kindness may go as well.
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I Wanna Get Better by Eldonde

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem!
PPC: Hey Puppet Pal Mitch.

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, what is my favorite type of youtube video?
PPC: Is it a cat video?
PPM: No, it’s a pony *BONK* video.
PPC: Puppet Pal Mitch, what is a pony bonk video?
PPM: Well Puppet Pal Clem, it’s a video where ponies *BONK* each other on the head. Like the one right down there!

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, what’s the only thing better than a pony bonk video?
PPC: A bonk on the head?
PPM: No! *BONK* a pony *BONK* video made by Eldonde

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, do you know what’s better than that video down there?
PPC: No Puppet Pal Mitch, what is better than that video down there?
PPM: A *BONK* on the head.

If this post confused you, click here and take a time machine back to before the internet.
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Short Skirt Long Jacket by Xriss777

Hello everyone! It’s Dae314 back again for some more weekend reviews. It is not terribly often that I hear a song that I haven’t heard in such a long time that it sounds brand new again. Cake’s Short Skirt/Long Jacket came out in 2001, but it fits one of the mane 6 with such clarity that it’s hard to believe a fellow fan didn’t sing it. That’s right folks, today’s video is going to be about Pinkie Pie! Wait… what’s that? Pinkie’s not–oh. Well whoever wrote this script has apples for brains because Cake’s Short Skirt/Long Jacket clearly fits Pinkie’s character best… I don’t care what the video is about I swear Pinkie– Don’t you go threatening me just becau– uugh OK fine. Due to intense pressure from my zap apple addled manag– erm… a small mistake that was entirely my own, today’s video will not be about Pinkie Pie but rather Rarity.

Xris brings us an extremely well edited video that almost but not quite manages to give me goosebumps. The skillfully designed custom transitions are underway almost as soon as viewers hit the play button. Throughout the video viewers are treated to a chocolatey smooth mixture of masks, effects, and transitions that seem at odds with the almost halting progression of the music. Yet this does not cause the video to come off as inappropriate for the music. Rather, the video accents the music and draws out its rhythm into a very pleasing pulse of energy. The only criticism that I can make of the video editing is the lackluster ending. I’ll grant that there are not very many good ways to end a song like Short Skirt/Long Jacket, but I’m sure it could have been handled better than it was. The rest of the video easily makes up for this one weakness though. Between the mildly lip synced yet completely appropriate scenes and the expertly designed cutouts and frame positioning used throughout the majority of the video, Xris clearly demonstrates that he knows what kind editing he wants to show his viewers: the best–and only the best. And this video would be the best… if only Xris had used Pinkie Pie…
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