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A novel, by Dr. Hooves.

ANYWAY welcome back everybody it’s time to get the PMV train rolling again after our amazing contest at Bronycon!  Check out the contest page up top to find the results for that, and over the next few weeks we’ll be posting all the incredible submissions that we received.  Be sure to give them all lots of love for their hard efforts!

And today we have an especially fantastic collaboration between the famed editors of Ye Olde YouTube Lore.  That’s right folks, everyone from Acleps to DeLoop has joined in on this fantastic celebration of our favorite little ponies.  Sure it might lack a little focus other than the Mane crew and some general pony counterparts, but the effects are VERY SHINY, the transitions are fast and furious, and the song is well matched.  Check it out below and let the gang over at the Collaboratory know what you think!

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Because of You by rainbowdashzx and Friends

You know, happiness and sunshine and flowers doesn’t have to be the one-dimensional state of mind that we think it is.  Unless you’re Derpy over there on the right, then maybe…

ANOTHER COLLABORATION PMV shows this concept in a wonderfully exemplary way.  The song itself is rather happy with a few mixes of emotion coming in every now and then, but the editing keeps up with this perfectly and uses the happiness shown by each of our characters to flavor the entire piece.

Speaking of editing, we do get a lot of videos with fancy effects and sparkles, but it’s always worth noticing when there are edits done with quality.  I’m not saying that big effects bring down the amount of quality, but it isn’t dependent on them.  In this video, for example, we see a fabulously upbeat, speedy and lyric-matching edit in Tygr’s short part at the beginning.  Things aren’t necessarily custom, but the “dominoes” line is constructed in such a manner that I just feel super excited watching it.

Pump yourself up when you go down below, and make sure to sub to all the awesome editors who contributed!

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Photo Party by AgrolChannel

What’s one word to describe this next PMV?  Blissful.

That’s right ladies and colts, we have a very happy and heartwarming animation coming up from the one and only Agrol who should definitely be posting more often.  The best part about it is that there is a wonderful and relaxing story that compliments the animation style beautifully.

And what is that style you ask?  The first few seconds were in the typical fan-animation tweening process that tend to plague amateur animations.  However, we then move on to a series of pictures (not dissimilar to Fimflamfilosophy) strung together as a representation of Pinkie’s photo collection.  It’s nostalgic, funny, and it also doesn’t take itself too seriously, which seems to be a problem in more and more videos.

The story is pretty simple, but also fun.  Pinkie runs around town to invite the Mane 6 crew to her photo party and gives the invitations in creative ways.  Casually happy acoustic tunes flow right along with the actions and everything has the best possible prosody.

Find it below for a fun springtime treat!

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My Wish by Somniis Scientia

It’s right before New Years, and to celebrate all of your aspirations for 2015, we’ve got a wonderful video about wishing the best to your peers and family.

I find this video interesting not only because it was made in iMovie and is actually pretty good, but also because it features a really nice typography section and a seldom seen style.  The style I’m referring to is a mix of still pictures and moving elements, and it’s actually really easy to mess that up.  There has to be a perfect balance of motion and stability in each scene, so I commend the editor for their work in balance.

One thing I didn’t appreciate as much was the camera work, but considering the programs that were available to the author, I really think it was the best they could’ve done in that area.  Great job overall, and it’s a real heart warmer for every one ready to start a new year!

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We’re on Our Way by ObbsessiveBookworm


This picture was too cute not to post.  Still not quite sure what’s up with Rarity, maybe grass isn’t good for the mane?

But if you want to smile as much as those ponies up there do, you have come to the right PMV.  ObbsessiveBookworm (I don’t make the names, I just spell ’em correctly) has brought us another one of his epically soothing pieces with as much artistic merit and storytelling ability as his previous works.

The editor takes special care not to overdo the color overlays, and I really appreciate that.  The scene selections are absolutely fantastic in terms of matching the mood; calm with either a gentle touch of sadness or happiness depending on the song’s tone.  I usually have controversial opinions on typography, but the font and colors really fit for this song.  What I DON’T like about the typography is that it does almost nothing to support the effectiveness of the PMV as just an overlay.  Overlays are meant to be less distracting so that they don’t drag attention away from the foreground, which is an excellent scene selection in this case.  However, people’s eyes naturally like to read things, and are thus pulled away from the actual content when typography appears.

So I could deal with a little less words here, but if you can look past that you’ll find a wonderful video.  Go, watch it, continue on your way to Pony enlightenment.

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Edit: After gathering extremely exclusive intel, I’ve discovered that the typography was used to give the video more of “it’s own voice.”  I have to say, this particular video will certainly stand out from the rest of Bookworm’s, at least in my mind.

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Memoir of Season 3 by ACRacebest

Guys, from when I am posting this there are only 12 hours and 53 minuets until season 4!

What a great PMV to kickoff the next season! The video uses the incredibly upbeat and happy song When Can I see you Again, originally written for the Wreck It Ralph soundtrack. ACRacebest uses plenty of scenes from each episode of season 3, which gives it a story like feel. He didn’t use many effects in the PMV, But I think it looks magnificent without them. Well if I wasn’t ready for season 4 already, I most certainly am now!

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