Heroes by rainbowdashzx

Spike is a hero.  Kinda.  By circumstance.  In a way.

I’ll chill with the Spike hate because it’s time to appreciate rainbowdashzx’s new PMV which is just great. This one is brought to you by commission of another friend of the pony music video community: theinvincible316.  I didn’t even know PMV commissions were a thing, but if they all turn out this good, I think I’d be willing to invest.

Really, the PMV is about Spike x Rarity and the deep personal struggle that the purple/green dragon has with his heroic complex, causing him to constantly feel down and striving for the opportunity to be the savior he wants to be.  BUT ENOUGH OF THE BORING ANALYTICAL TALK, did you see that scene layout?!  Now that was a great modern-style design choice by our editor with fitting typography and some light-based transitions to boot.  I do feel at times like I’m stuck in a cave with all of these vignettes, but my favorite part of the vid is how it uses blank space.  You don’t have to have stuff on the screen 24/7, kids.

So go catch it below for a show about a hero and his fair mare with the dazzling hair.

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