Home – Madeon by MrLogic

Just how comfortable and homely can My Little Pony make you feel?

Well, as much as this next PMV can, which certainly brings up tons of nostalgic happiness from all sorts of seasons from our favorite horse show.  This particular video really brings it back for me personally thanks to that VHS style visual effect which was a very prominent detail in the Princess Bride tape that I watched at least a thousand times.

MrLogic, one of our most unrecognized editors, has brought an atmosphere that feels as comfortable as the show itself.  While there is PLENTY of overused footage from the finale scenes of each season, I truly do think that they were required to bring together the sense of nostalgia.  It makes it so much deeper for someone who’s been in the fandom for a while.  And those hugely popular scenes are actually used really well with an inspirational track, so I’d deem it fitting.

Check this thing out for yourself as you bask in the square screen of the old days.

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Who Says You Can’t Go Home by Paul Miller IV

Hello everybody! Dae314 here and you’ll never guess whose video I brought to show today. Seriously you’ll never guess. I mean his name is only in large text up above this post and he’s only made one PMV every three days since the beginning of time. That’s right it’s time for YANVFPM (yet another new video from Paul Miller IV).

You have to give Paul credit. Even though he now has over a hundred videos, he’s managed to keep a good level of quality and editing consistency across all of them. His biggest weakness is still the lack of originality in his videos, but good work is good work regardless of how original it is. Like most of Paul’s videos, this one shows off his impeccable sense of scene selection and mastery of the simple cut transition. Although I personally disagree with his use of a couple sad scenes in a song that is clearly meant to have a positive message, those scenes make up maybe three percent of the overall video. Much of the video is random celebration matching the music, and while that’s fine, I think Paul may have missed something good here. Twilight Sparkle was originally from Canterlot although she has been living in Ponyville for a while now. This song could have been edited into a story about how Twilight finds her new home in Ponyville among her friends. Paul’s cinematic editing style could have probably pushed this story quite well to viewers. But Paul didn’t edit the video that way, and the video we got is still quite fun to watch so please sit back and enjoy yet another one of Paul’s many creations.
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