Dance of Harmony by DRUMMERSHY

mane6 with elements

Today, I bring you a very neat, simple 6-minute PMV. Featuring the elements of harmony themselves, shown with there adventures and battles they’ve had through out the show. An instrumental song with guitars and drums to match the clips, is action-y. The video itself it’s pretty simple concept, with clips from the show and almost no filters or effects used in this 6 minute-long video. There are a few occasional times where the clips don’t really match that well with the music, but overall, it’s a pretty cool, simple PMV.


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Sunshine by Lord Pony


Tonight I’ve got for you a very lovely, inspiring, and chill-inducing PMV by our very own Lord Pony! A different take and look on the battle between Queen Chrysalis and Princess Celestia. The scene selection, the great editing, and the very.. moving track all tie in together to bring you one excellent, jaw-dropping PMV! It’s a very fun ride the whole way through, and there’s not much more to say. Check it out below!

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Moondance Pony by Mesu Yoru

Purely instrumental songs can be so hard to turn into a video, but this PMV does it beautifully. Lots of great usage of overlaying two different scenes, including a neat matching of Equestria Girls to the show’s first episode. My only critique is that the glint effect towards the beginning was a bit distracting, but that doesn’t detract from an overall exquisite video.

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Nightime Eternal by rainbowdashzx


I like epic ponies. I really do. How I wish there was an actual spin-off series  in the vein of Fallout Equestria with ultra pony wars… but in the meantime, I’ll just take PMVs with epic music… like this one. The widescreen effect is very cool and gives this a very cinematic feel, which is reinforced, of course, by the instrumental track. Some of the aimless mouth movements felt a bit out of place for this style of PMV. I would love to have had the audio included on those, perhaps some choice bits of dialogue that would have enhanced the movie trailer feel.

But despite that minor gripe, this is a fun and awesome PMV with an especially great ending. Check it out below!

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Haibane Renmei by MrDzoni955


Ahh…. strings. How I love string music. I don’t care what it is – anything is improved by string music. Of course, it helps when said item itself is already pretty great, as is the case here. In this video, the artist did something unique by actually combining MLP footage with some clips from the anime Haibane Renmei. The music is from that show, I believe, and I really like how the footage from both shows works together and really matches smoothly with the beautiful music. The bit at the very end with the combined “wing get” scenes is especially cool.

Check it out below! And make sure to fly over to the author’s channel to subscribe or leave some feedback.

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Stardust by annabre24

168004 - artist paradise-wonder night Ponyville twilight_sparkle

It seems like there have been a lot of PMVs lately with “Star” in their titles. Oh well, I like stars, so keep em coming!

Today’s video is the author’s first foray into the PMV world, and the results are great. The video doesn’t stray beyond the pilot episodes of Season 1,  but it doesn’t need to.  The eerie and energetic instrumental track takes us on a walk through those episodes, and the binocular effect gives the sense of watching the whole thing from afar, like stargazing. The timing is also quite notable, always cutting perfectly with the beat.

Check it out below, and then swing by the author’s channel to subscribe or leave a comment!

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Beneath the Surface (Orchestrated) by Jaref


Feels! Come get your feels! Get ‘em while they’re hot! You want ‘em? We got ‘em! Or at least, this video has ‘em!

This PMV is sort of a remake of another video  by Jaref, but this time it’s purely instrumental and orchestral and stuff, which adds a whole new layer of colorful, sugary, gooey feels (emotion is like fruit roll-ups, you see)  to what was an already emotional video. I always enjoy feelsy videos without lyrics, because the meaning and the vibe you get from it is a lot more interpretable than usual. Is it happy? Is it sad? Is it both? Is it bacon? You decide.

In any case (and remake or no), Jaref did a great job with this one. Prepare your body for feelings, and then check it out below! And don’t forget to drop by Jaref’s channel and leave him some feedback!

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Diligent Fervor by QuetzalDash


Instrumental tracks are a tricky beast to tame for the PMV artist. How does one choose appropriate and stirring footage if there are no lyrics to go on? How is one supposed to tell a compelling story?

Well, it helps if the instrumental track you’re using happens to hold a soft spot in the hearts of most of your viewers. The BGM theme for Applejack from a certain tragically woe-befallen fan game (which I dare not even name for fear of breaking down into a sodden mess of blubbering tears) is an extremely memorable tune that, to me, captures the essence of hope, hard work, and dreams. The song represents Applejack in so many ways beyond just its twangy melody, and the video that QuetzalDash has put together for this music likewise tributes her victoriously.

Prepare your body for a barrage of awesome custom editing with some killer effects, all used very tastefully and with some awesomely creative transitions. To me, a story is truly told through this video, instrumental music be danged. The compelling footage shows Applejack’s hardworking and optimistic demeanor, and the song reminds us of the hardworking optimism of the Mane 6 team through all the trials they’ve faced. To me, this is just as much a tribute to them as it is to Applejack, but regardless of how you interpret it, or what it means to you, it succeeds brilliantly, and is an amazingly edited and entertaining little romp.

Check it out below!

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