Centuries by xindit

Hmm, this song sounds strangely similar…

Never mind that, it’s time for a new rendition of the hit by Fall Out Boy, and this time a little simpler with an entirely different theme.  I just love how people can take the same song, same available content, and turn it all into something entirely new without necessarily having to use effects to exaggerate that difference.  And in this new piece, we also see some fan content thrown in!

“How is it different?” you ask?  Well my friends, it’s quite simple.  In the traditional thought of many in the fandom, Centuries’ message and lyrics could apply boldly and only to T. Sparklez and the crew.  They would be remembered positively for their victories over the villains.  However, in this video, we see some spotlight shed on Sunset Shimmer, who the editor seems to imply, will be remembered for centuries because she kind of turned into a demon in the previous movie and that ain’t something that really just slips your mind.

The PMV does focus on other villains though, and it seems to be a theme that can apply to a wide variety of characters.  xindit’s take is one of a kind, so you should check it out below!

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House of Friendship by Racecarghost

*But didn’t Rainbow Rocks happen, like, forever ago?

*But didn’t RCG already make a PMV for House of Wolves?

*But does this video even have a story of any sort?

*But aren’t you always the one who posts the punk rock videos?

*But isn’t 720p at 60fps a pain in the-


Ponies will solve all of your problems.  Er, humans.  Human ponies will solve all of your problems.  And so will Racecarghost in one of his newer videos set to what appears to be one of his favorite songs.  Prepare your eyes, because this thing is a feast of modern stripes and vector shapes mixed in with some nasty distortion blurring and fast-paced scene changing.  It’s awesome to say the least, and a visually inventive adventure.  I’ve watched it at least ten times myself, so go ahead and enter the house of friendship below!

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