Tranquilize by Dr_Stables

Hope everybody is having a lovely late very late Monday evening!

Tonight we have a surprising treat: the doctor is in!  That’s right folks, Dr_Stables has returned with another fantastically fabulous PMV for everyone to enjoy (unless you’re not fond of flashing lights, major epileptic warning here).

The best feature of this vid is the effects, regardless of their pulsating qualities.  All of the T.V. distortion and general wave movement makes the whole thing really fit into The Killers’ style of music.  If there is one problem with the video though, it’s also the effects.  We get so much of this awesome editing that it can be extremely overwhelming.  Perhaps if there had been a lesser variety of different stylizations, it would have been easier to follow.

Check out some sibling building below, and don’t forget to sub to the doc!

YouTube Preview Image
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