Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene (PMV) by ObbsessiveBookworm


Hey folks, happy Friday! Tonight we have a new PMV from ObbsessiveBookworm. Hope you like evil because this PMV is focused on villains.

Let me say I absolutely love this video. The catchiness of the song combined with the simplistic editing style really makes this an enjoyable vid for me. The effects are restricted to simple color correction, fades and an overlay. Simple and powerful. Now usually I find overlays to be distracting, but the sparing and tasteful use in key areas really adds visual interest to make up for some of the slower parts of the song. I also was pleased by the use of the high-aspect ratio letter boxing in specific areas of the song. Overall the editing gives a very dramatic and professional feel to the whole video.

Also Twilight kicking butt at the end make me very happy. Enjoy the video below!

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