[PMV] LoE: Book Horse 500 by Party_Grunt

A thing that happened

It’s a bit awkward to post my own stuff, but with relatively little content available, it was suggested I post this.

If any of you participated in the recent Legends of Equestria open server weekend, or are familiar with the game, you know of the butt scoot glitch, which allows characters to move around while sitting.  This video is what happens when 15 people in a Skype call all decide to become Book Horses and have a butt slide race. Oh, and one decides to be Flash. And those Book Horses follow Flash around everywhere. Witness the outcome of a nearly 15 minute long, 40 person butt scoot race to the glorious sound of eurobeat pulled straight out of Initial D and with cinematic camera action from yours truly.

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Make A Move by Makenshi179



As the weekend draws to a close, we have a spectacular PMV of the popular Icon For Hire song “Make A Move”. This isn’t the first PMV I’ve seen of the song, but this one definitely impressed me. The scenes chosen were clever and apt, fitting in with the action-styled theme of the music video.

The song used is quite unlike the original, as it is a Nightcore version of the song, where the pitch is raised and the song is slightly sped up. The effect of using that rendition of the song creates more of an impact, which resonates with me as I sat through the entire music video.

This was also the first PMV that I’ve seen which uses scenes from the Legend of Equestria, which is an interesting approach. Also, props to the video creator for that hilarious ending to the PMV. Check it out for yourself below!


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