Do Your Thing by MrDeLoop

It’s 4AM Ponyville, are you all ready to PAAARRRRTAAAAAAAAAY!?  

Well you better get ready to party, because this video is nothing but 3 min 46 seconds of pure Party Horse craziness. Our own MrDeloop brings us this wonderful and crazy slice of PMV heaven. And by god is it high up. The ridiculousness of this video is off the chats, but it all flows so well to the crazy upbeat song, which like Pinkie, does it’s own thing!


I was informed that this video has been in production since 2012, and holy guacamole does it show. Like seriously, this video is the epitome of what a Pinkie Pie video should be: crazy, hyperactive, random, FUN. There’s even some references to some of Deloops previous shenanigans. From the clip selection, the transitions, text… hell, everything is just perfect to me, and I usually don’t find myself saying that on a video. It all just say’s Pinkie so well, and it’s all so polished and shiny. Just re watch and try to find all the little details that were edited in, it’s crazy! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played this video already…


Incredible job MrDeloop, this is easily my favorite Pinkie PMV and probably in my top 5 favorite PMVs ever made! The work you did shows.

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