My Little VFX by Izeer PMV’s

Malathrom isn’t the only one who can make ponies look totally awesome.

That’s right mares and gentlecolts, this time we have an equally stunning PMV about VFX inspired by the talents of Malathrom, the guy who did “VFX Are Magic”.  This video has an equally creative title, and more importantly, a similarly epic set of magic video sparkles.  I think that the most inspiring part of these videos is the process of actually being able to see the scene evolve from a raw video clip into a fully fledged masterpiece.  Really makes ya want to learn how to do that stuff, or rather just have the time to do that stuff.  Have plenty of flares and clouds below!

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We Are Believix by Paul Miller IV

Hey, how you doing? Hopefully not your next failure of a class project that’s gonna score a C+ like programming *shot for being mean*

Anywho, we got a nice Fairy tale of a video here, which I believe I barely remember Winx club except that it’s a bunch of girls with awesome fairy powers and they go to an academy and they uh, slay dragons and they can’t outrage back because dragon moves have can’t affect fairies and then Dazzling Gleam and uh… yes?

Said video is enchanting, simple and cool so I believix and magix therefore I will get jinxed and I hope my luck will get fixed …… Bill Hicks …. *crickets*

Before they swarm they place, get a new trick BELOW:

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P.S. Want a list? Call 1-800-Strangefelladosen’tknowwriting101andheshouldattendthatclass-45548-909 or leave a fax cause he’s old school

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Heavens Divide by Jaref


Yet another Jaref post!  Stop making good stuff dude, you’re going to outclass the rest of us XD


Anyway, an amazingly epic PMV by the master of simplicity himself has floated into my sights.  This time, it’s focused around Celestia (perfect character for the song both literally and emotionally) and her struggles.  Which then transitions into how the sun princess must pass her power onto a younger apprentice.  Not a bad plot, but it’s really the number of scenes that caught me off guard.

Without any recycled content or stressed placement, the author supplied a natural amount of clips from the show.  Even at the end, when he used a few still pics instead of movies, they looked like they were naturally put there and not just some filler because of a lack of material.  In the description, Jaref talks about how he was in constant demand for epic and holy sun princess clips but finally managed to make it happen when season 4 came out.  Speaking of which, we see for almost the first time a use of S4 clips without the cluttering watermarks.

If you can’t remove the marks, just zoom in a bit.  And if you do run out of clips, just use pictures.  There is a lot to be learned from our friend Jaref, so go check it out!

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Venari Strigas by MrDzoni955

Well, hello there and good morning folks!

Today we bring you a PMV that has that extra zing using an anime soundtrack. When I say Madoka Magika, what is the first thing that pops up in your heads? Magic, girls, and evil enchantresses (Ok, scratch that one) probably crossed your minds. So, given the basic premise you’re going to see……. some magic!

That’s right, what TerriccotaPie has done is mash footage from the anime along with… of course Ponies! Using the symbols with the show and with Evening Shimmer™ (Sunset sucks, Evening sounds cooler, how ironic and I don’t care) and Twilight Sparkle’s conflict in fits so well and like Lock and keys. Not to mention very slick scene choices with crossing in with magic which matches Madoka along with an awesome rock instrumental track which brings makes this video extra spellbinding (-10 for puns)

Now to sum up other points and then some before with that list™  you can’t avoid right here below:

The-Various-Ways-To-Praise List

1.Slick and smooth, simple and streamlined

2. Pretty matching scenes

3. Minimalist effects and transitions that are complementary

4. Can easily be a spin-off intro (who dosen’t want 26 episodes of Twilight eliminating evil witches?)

Check out the Magic and leave your interesting and creative responses on the Magic, BELOW:

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P.S. Now that’s another anime for me to watch! (eventually…… there’s so many to catch up on! Time is your mortal enemy)

P.P.S. Hi, I’m ThatNewFella

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