Stay With Me by HarmonicWind


Hey guys. Really does feel great being able to review content for you on a consistent bassis, so lets keep the ball rolling.

Today’s PMV is Stay With Me by HarmonicWind. And as motion graphics PMV’s go, I find this refreshing. Although there’s obviously some influence from people like Acleps, there’s a lot of new stuff here too.

Love the integration of show clips inside the text. That part with dash in the dome was just stunning, and is a very complex effect to pull off. Fantastic use of 3d too. I recommend watching at 60fps too if possible, it’s incredibly smooth.

There’s no surprise it won the feel good category. And just like a feel good PMV should, it had me smiling by the end. This person needs way more subs than they currently have, so go give em some.

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Itty Bitty by TheAcleps

Hello guys! Finally back for another post! Been quite a busy month, and on my new schedule right now, dealing with college and stuffs. But anyways, onwards to this PMV. One thing I gotta say: Acleps never dissapoints me. In terms of visuals, editing and all that kind of stuffs, this guy is a genius! As soon as I clicked the video, I couldn’t stop smiling. Both because of the editing and the music choice. When I heard the first second I was like “Shawn Wasabi!!!”. The motion graphics in this really matched the song and added in a few pony sound fxs on it’s own to blend in with the song’s style. Overall a happy pmv that is like candy to my eyes. There’s even a 60 fps version for those who are interested!

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Love Today by Arthychaud


Alright, here’s a challenge for you. Start playing the video and try not to smile immediately.

Did you fail? I did.

Here we have another great PMV by Arthychaud, who much to my delight is still kicking around. This is generally just an all-around happy feel good PMV. Mika’s vocal range still manages to impress me years down the line but that’s beside the point. Arthy has done a fantastic job showcasing upbeat scenes through the show and solidly syncing them up. I love the use of text and really love the solid color changes. Super simple but it just works beautifully. The ending of the PMV has to be one my favorite parts – the montage of various characters being affectionate just warms my heart. Why do these ponies have to be so GOSH DANG CUTE?!

Technically speaking, while I think the use of Pinkie’s smile song serves it’s purpose, I felt it was a tad overused. The video sets itself up as a Mane 6 homage and it would’ve been nice to see more hugs and nuzzles from the other ponies. The lack of lipsync is fine by me, but I think when you take that from a video other elements should compensate. Some parts of the video really struck gold and others could use a bit more work on the pacing and cutting to reach their full potential. Regardless, still a really fun video that I thoroughly enjoyed watching.

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Awake O Sleeper! by ObsessiveBookworm


Saddle up, partner. We’re going for a ride.

Although the PMV itself doesn’t seem to be related to the typical western theme, the song certainly gives those vibes. And now I’m seriously craving more PMV’s done to that genre. We need more badass Applejack in this community – but I digress.

For the most part, the video focuses on the Mane 6 and their overarching stories which works very well with the furious intensity of the song. ObsessiveBookworm has really nailed down the timing for this one. It’s some really solid editing, powerful in nature and certainly carrying dramatic weight behind it. One of the best things about simplistic PMV’s is that by stripping away the effects, you’re left with the base visuals. This can be great for storytelling, and the atmosphere is definitely one of the positives in this one. If I had to raise an objection, it would be that I don’t quite understand if there was a sense of a direction going on here. I think a more consistent focus on individual characters or stories could’ve helped. Like OB mentions in the description, it’s a very cool song and a PMV of it had to be made. Could it be done better? Maybe. Did I enjoy it? Hell yes. It was great!

Check out some crazy intensity below.
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Empire Of Sound by Alanj2007 Games


Hey guys, another great PMV today. AlanJ is back once again, and he just seems to keep getting better.

So today’s PMV definitely delivers in the visuals department. However it does not rely solely on motion graphics and typography. The creator has done well to use show footage in this as well, combining the two in some cases with clever masking and animation. The visuals themselves are stunning. The lighting and color effects match the song very well. And the little camera shakes make it feel more organic. Lots of little touches like this really make this PMV stand out from the rest.

The glitch and glow effects seem to be synced to the beat, and the video is linked to the lyrics. “I’m moving on”, shows tank going in to hibernation, links to dash accepting tanks fate and moving on. When bridges are mentioned, the camera moves to a bridge that then falls, once again in relation to the lyrics. These are just a few examples of visuals matching the song well in this video.

All in all this PMV seamlessly combines show footage and visual effects. Giving a stunning end result with visuals matching up perfectly to the song. Keep it up AlanJ!

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Pony Soda by DownburstProductions

Hello guys and gals! Today I bring you with a really cool PMV with a Shawn Wasabi song. If you know me, you know that I mostly like and watch PMVs with motion graphics and cool effects, but everyonce in a while I like to see some simple neat PMVs. This is one of them, and it’s great. With only using clips, no filters or effects, the editor here has arranged and synchronized each clip with the song. The silly sound effects in the music that Shawn Wasabi has created with his MIDI fighter, Downburst also added it’s own bits and clips of silly moments of the ponies which makes the video really fun to watch. Go watch the PMV down below!

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Dirty Hooves by Izeer


Hey guys, back again with another post. Today we have a PMV from Izeer, and boy is it something.

From the moment the video starts, you can tell it’s going to be an emotional, and visually pleasing PMV. The grayscale and snow coupled with that guitar is quite a fitting combo. Izeer was wise to include a snow flurry blowing across the frame, as not only does this fit with the songs theme, but it stands out against the dark skies in the background. This PMV does a very good job at staying true to the lyrics. Each of the mane six has their own segments, and the lyrics seem to fit. For example, as soon as animals are mentioned, there is a slick transition to fluttershy.

Although a simple walk cycle may seem rather minimal, the creator did his best to maintain our interest. They included very fluid motion graphics and typography, that did far more than just recite the lyrics. They were pasted on snowflakes and trees, which gives the viewer something a little more interesting to look at than just the walk cycle. The scenes are well timed too. When the song picks up some pace, a whole swarm of dragons flies by in the background. These dragons are also cleverly used to transition from fluttershy to rarity.

This is a very enjoyable PMV, and is aesthetically pleasing. I must admit I got a few shivers the first time I watched it, and I think Izeer did a great job at putting his idea forward, and keeping to the theme. Catch it bellow guys!

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Green Day ft. Ponies – Give Me Novacaine by Dr_Stables

**Slight seizure warning**

Hello everypony! I present to you a neat simple PMV by Dr_Stables. The PMV mainly focuses around Season 5 premiere (as the editor described in the video description) but also has clips from more earlier episodes. It has quite a few transitions and color filters that are represented in the video along with a real cool Green Day song. To be honest, I only know about Green Day because of Rock Band, man how I loved that game. Anyways I can’t really think of anything else to say about this one, but it’s a pretty neat PMV. Go watch it below!

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This is Home by SureShot91


Hey everyone! How’s it going? Truth be told, there’s been quite a drought of PMV’s recently. I’m pretty sure education is to blame. It’s that weird time of year when they’re like “Hey, you want freedom? Here’s ten billion examinations and assignments. It’s not like you needed any free time anyways.” Here’s hoping the lead-up to Summer (and more importantly; BronyCon) will get those creative juices flowing.

So as Jeff the Janitor cleans the spiderwebs from the submissions list, we here at PMVToday HQ have been searching high and low for posting material. There’s actually a lot of videos that label themselves as PMV’s. It’s just the majority are either kids making their toys dance or barely edited footage set to a high pitched version of “Timber”. We try to be fair with the spotlight, but we still have to keep some standard of quality.

That being said, I actually came across this undiscovered gem earlier today. It’s a video based on the loss of Twilight’s treehouse and the memories she made while living there. While it’s clear the creator is new to the video scene due to some minor editing errors, I was pleasantly surprised by how heartwarming this turned out. The song is a perfect fit for the show, especially the overall tone of “Castle Sweet Castle”. I’ll always have a soft spot for PMV’s that serve to compliment the morals of the episodes. The theme is about finding where you truly belong – and despite her having to move into a new physical home, the concept of home is being somewhere you feel safe and happy. Twilight’s home will always be where her friends are.

The video does a great job showcasing memories from the past 5 seasons. It’s not perfect, but the overall concept is really nice. Sometimes that alone can carry a video and bring happiness to those who watch it. Feeling the passion to bring these ideas to life is what keeps me going as an editor, and I sincerely hope to see the creativity of this editor flourish in the future.

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Vox Populi by ObbsessiveBookworm

Hello guys and gals! Bringing you today with a really cool PMV by ObbsessiveBookworm focused mostly on season 5 premiere, and some other episodes. The beginning is pretty slow with the pace of the song, accompanied by the effect of like the old 50’s black and white cartoons. Then later after, when the song picks up everything starts to turn epic. The sequence of clips is organized greatly and some of the effects used are amazing. Go watch the video below!

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