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Phew, what a week it’s been. Between shooting off to London to watch the season premiere, fussing over deadlines and the LoE open weekend, it’s been pretty hectic.

Speaking of the season premiere, isn’t it awesome that MLP is back? It’s good to see our favourite horses return to our screens on a weekly basis. And with new pony comes new fan content! New PMV’s! Yay! I’m really optimistic and excited to see what the fandom does with all the new footage. I know I’d like to make a video on it at some point.

Today we’re bringing you a new PMV from an old school PMV creator – MrDeLoop. Yeah, I know right? I’m as shocked as you are that he’s actually released something. Looks like he’s experimenting with a simple dramatic style of editing, similar to the work of TheLightLeavesThee. The video is based on the first two episodes that kicked off the season, retelling the story and exaggerating the creepy themes. The song used has quite a mellow haunting atmosphere to it, and in my humble opinion, I think MrDeLoop did a reall-

Huh, what? What do you mea- oh.

I’ve just been informed that I am in fact MrDeLoop.

Well this is awkward.

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Perfect System by HumanWhoDoesStuff


Here at PMVToday we believe all PMV’s are equal.

Here is a standard regular PMV. The video is based on My Little Pony and has been edited to music. The editor has chosen to cut the footage in time with the music.

We have analysed the video and wrote this post about it. We have decided it is equal in quality. It will be posted on the site to join the thousands of other PMV’s.


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The City by The Collaboratory


Look, don’t tell the others but I’m totally breaking the rules to post this. This isn’t even the proper posting time or date for me. “Schedule all posts for 7pm” he says. Well, guess what? I’m BRITISH! It’s 7pm over here for me! I have found the ultimate loophole! AHAHA!

Ahem, no, but really. I just wanted to give some promotion to this awesome collaborative effort. Considering there’s like 4 of the staff who worked on this, I’m sure exceptions can be made.

We recently released our second collaborative PMV for The Collaboratory. I’ll let you be the judge of my own contribution, but I think you’ll agree with me that everyone involved did a really great job. We strived to get a better sense of structure and theme this time around, generally focusing on Rarity and Manehattan. I think it’s nice how there’s such a variety of creators involved in the channel. Simplistic show footage, motion graphics, full blown animation – it’s a nice mix and we tried to make the parts flow together well. We certainly still have much to improve, but we’re having a lot of fun working on these videos. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it!
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Wide Awake by Red Card

Hello everypony! And oh hey look! A Katy Perry song! I don’t know about you, but I love Katy Perry ^^. Anyways this simple but cool pmv by Red Card delivers a great edit with the song “Wide Awake”. What I mean is that the way the episode clips has been edited into the video matches really great with the lyrics and atmosphere of the song. A simple yet neatly done Perry Music Video. Haha get it, cause PMV and change the P for Pony to Perry and stuffs and… okay ;-;

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Only Pony by OhPonyBoy


It’s Saturday night. That means it’s time to PARTY!

Using a mix of normal flash puppets and the pointy style that the fandom’s really leeched onto, OhPonyBoy has created a really neat custom animation to go with his own song. While I sometimes feel that animation and PMV can be separated in style, this one certainly mixes the two and does a damn fine job of it. It’s not just plain animation too, there’s some great editing and effects used throughout.

I really loved the use of synced animation of the ponies to flow with the musical elements. Pinkie bouncing, Fluttershy singing, Twilight’s ear wiggle – it’s all so adorably fitting. Making your own animated music video can’t be an easy task, but I’m sure it gave the creator the ability to bring his original ideas of visualization to life. The concepts are well executed and especially towards the second half, the video really comes to life. It’s a style not too dissimilar to BronyDanceParty’s content, but it adds enough to keep it fresh and exciting.

Get your rave on down below!

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Shine Like Rainbows by sprinkly rainbow


So here we have a fairly nice and simplistic PMV using the song from the credits of Rainbow Rocks. Though I’m not too big on the Equestria Girls movies, I still appreciate seeing the songs synced up to pony clips. By using a song that’s naturally linked to the show, the creator already had one foot in the door. Rather than having to adapt the clips to the theme of the audio, their job was made easier knowing that it would be a fitting PMV regardless.

The PMV itself isn’t too bad – it has decent scene selection and some good cuts throughout. Though it doesn’t try anything radically new, it’s still a lovely little video focusing primarily on the friendship of the Mane 6. The simplicity gives it a sense of charm, and I love to see the themes of the show inspiring people to make these videos for fun. I do feel that there could’ve been more variation in the clips used. It would’ve been nice to have more focus on the individual characters instead of the usual Friendship Cannons and Sonic Rainbooms.

It’s interesting for me to see these types of PMV’s again as it reminds me a lot of how I used to edit my older videos. After being so caught up in After Effects and making things look fancy, it’s sometimes easy to look past these PMV’s and label them as generic. However, I still feel that simple cutting can be just as powerful as heavy VFX. This video may not have blown me away, but it certainly did make me smile. And if that’s what the creator wanted then they’ve succeeded in their goal. Best of luck to them for their future editing endeavors.

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Ready to fight by VictiniStar101

Hello everypony, bringing you with another PMV. This one is made by VictiniStar101. It focuses on all the mane six, representing and showcasing their friendship as they fight evil. The editing here is neatly done and fits the song which is a beautiful, heroic-type song. A few experimentation that the creator tried with the color filters/effects makes it stand out more.

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Sword Art Online 2 – Courage by SpectraPony


Sword Art Online and Ponies. Yes! Today, I bring you a PMV based of the anime series “Sword Art Online”. The video parodies the opening of the series and it fits really well. The transitions and custom animations are impressive. It represents SAO’s concept very well with the ‘next-gen, futuristic, virtual gaming’ style.

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Scribble by ESB


Hello everypony! Today, I bring you a really neat PMV by ESB. Pretty dramatic and sad if you ask me. Everything rolls slowly and calmly with the song, added with some color filters and few typographies. I found myself singing to the song since I’ve listened to it before, though a diferent version (remix) and got some feels watching this. Overall, the video looks nice and beautiful. Go check it out!

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