It has begun by Hash Metal

Purple smart does not look like a happy friendship pony from this angle.  Maybe it’s the lighting.

Either way, she does kick flank, and so does this PMV from the relatively unknown editor: Hash Metal.  As you can tell by the name, this video is going to feature some rockin’ music with fittingly similar effects, so if you have a fear of flashy feature films, this might not be for you.

However if you can handle the well-placed white flashes, scene changes, and other effects, you’ll probably enjoy this.  My only displeasure with it is that it uses all of the overused scenes in the PMV world.  I think we might literally see things from all finales except for the Gala.  But unlike most videos, the song actually fits with the epic visuals and everything seems to be well in order.

Get your dose of power-packed ponies below!

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NIGHT WITCHES by Pierre S. Kelijä

Why are there so many awesome Russian PMVs?  Is it because of the awesome Russian music?

Well, whatever it is, we’ve got another one for you tonight.  This thing’s effects are pretty amazing in how well they’ve been layered and applied.  There was a really nice damaged filter for the verses of the song and it got switched up while in the bridge.  There were also really nice tidbits of effects thrown in here and there, but one of the main things our editor uses is typography.  I’d have to say that this is one of the best typographical stylings I’ve seen in quite a while; the powerful appearance of the text perfectly matches the tension and excitement in the song.

My only qualms are just simple disagreements on a matter of opinion.  When I saw such a small and dimmed setup for the video, I thought that this style fit more to a creepy video than a powerful one.  However, I do recognize it for its artistic merit (the song is NIGHT WITCHES after all), and I think that some of you will enjoy it more than me.  And I still rather fancied this vid.

Slight seizure warning.  WATCH NOW!

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