Heart Attack by xindit


Fluttershy’s so cute, I think I’ll have a heart attack.

Why FS in the pic? Beats me.  Could’ve been any cute pony to be honest.  Because this PMV is all about the ponies and is very deeply involved in the MLP world, not just the scenes.

What I mean by this, is that if you are a long time fan you’ll definitely get more enjoyment out of this than someone who hasn’t seen an episode.  There are literal references, but it’s far less mouth syncing.  The literal references I’m talking about are what’s actually happening while the episode is going on.  Sure, Rarity might be hiding under Twi’s tail for ‘putting my defenses out’, but there are other deeper references if you recall the episodes and integrate that with the lyrics.

So check it out below and give xindit, a decent and recent editor, some feedback if you can!

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