Flutterbat Trailer by rspectcopyrightmyass

Many people were excited for this episode because of the vampire-pony thing.

I was excited for this episode because of the Fluttershy-pony thing.

Here we have a well constructed trailer that brings a certainly cinematic feel to the whole ordeal.  We haven’t seen a good movie trailer in quite a while on the pony front, but this video proves that the art is not dead and very much in good condition!

The PMV uses a combination of actual trailer clips with simple black and white text and reflective designs along with clips which are mostly from the Bats! episode.  The great part about this is that our editor uses just enough of the pony clips and the non-pony clips to create interest while not inching away from the MLP side.  Another plus is the appropriate and consistent character assignment and sticking to genre. (we even get a little thrill scare at the end, which is perfect for the mood!)

Check out the bats below, and remember to lock your doors at night, lest the adorable vampony attack!

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Shimmer by Herostrain


Sunset Shimmer has her comeback game on point in this EQG2 film.  Just gonna say.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about because you haven’t seen the film, you must just not be interested enough.  Luckily for you, we have an amazing trailer for the film that has done way better than any official Hasbro production that I’ve seen.

This piece is also really heavy on the effects and transitions so it might be a bit too intense for some.  But if you can handle it, there are some really nicely placed fades/flashes that give it an incredibly theatrical feel.  The voices and subtle music also give it that feeling that only professional movies seem to have.

So let’s take the talks to the head orange and red mare with flare in Rainbow Rocks!

YouTube Preview Image

Side note: consider the first film to be S.S.’s fall, her ‘sunset’ if you will.  Now consider that in the next film she shimmers in her redemption and true self at the end.  #MindBlown

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The Return of Harmony by formuladash


Grunge and fade-outs fix everything.  That’s my philosophy at least ;D

So we’re here again at a wonderful Tuesday evening, and with us we have a simple yet very compelling (in the most accurate sense of the word,) video that spotlights an amazing episode of My Little Pony.  It almost turns MLP into an entirely different atmosphere where girly colors and sunshine are only in the aesthetics.  It’s awesome.

Really, the effects are simple and so are the clip choices (albeit very well organized for a movie trailer).  But the thing I love most is that the editor, formuladash, who we haven’t seen in quite a while, turns everything into his own piece of art. The trailer music no longer belongs to ‘Vengers 2; the ponies are no longer part of the cute and cuddly Equestria.  Instead it’s an entirely new creation using both pieces.  I really think that’s an amazing thing in itself that more people should aim for.

As a couple of commenters have said, this vid really makes you want to watch the episode again.  So while I do that, y’all  should check this thing out.  Have a treat below!

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