Pinkie’s Long Song by Pinkamena Tuxedo Pie


Who here is ready for another dark and gritty pinkamena video from the one and only PTP?!  I SURE AM!!!

Oh… Wait a second… This isn’t dark.  It’s happy.  What the hay is going on here?

Well folks, it seems like The Tuxedo Pie has hummed a new tune in this video.  While the normal video I see from this editor is about the dark side of Pinkie, this one embraces the pink pony into the light.  We see some great happiness techniques used here like a little bit of motion blurring (ok, a lot of blurring) and some incredibly fitting bloom effects.

Unfortunately the fates conspired against PTP and his computer during the editing process, and it was tough for him to get this one out.  I’m pretty sure this is a message from the PMV gods telling him to make more dark vids.  And while I certainly hope he’ll continue to put some Manson tunes on the screen, I think he did a decent job on this one.

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