Sisters by ObbsesiveBookworm

Sisters. A very nice PMV by ObbsessiveBookworm. Happy and colorful, featuring the sisters from the show. This video has some great scenes both sad and happy moments of the sisters we know. No matter what happens, they will always be together. The song track for this is very fitting and beautiful and matches every clip in the editing of this. It’s really nice to see a PMV dedicated to the sisters, and this is one of them.

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Lightbringer by rainbowdashzx

Happy Thursday guys!

Is it me, or do the PMVs just keep getting better??

Tonight we bring you an amazing PMV done by the one and only rainbowdashzx. While this may be a shorter PMV compared to some others, there is no doubt that is just as awesome (if not more). So much in this PMV just…worked. The slight tints and other effects give it that dark eerie feeling. The simple transitions that just seem to flow without effort. I have seen countless editors try to work with this genre of music, and it never really comes out looking very nice. However rainbowdashzx managed to find that magical element to make it work. There is a lot in this PMV that rainbowdashzx did right, can’t wait for the next video!

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Castle of Shadows by IdhrenLives


One thing I love about PMVs which pull their music from fanmade songs is that they tend to sync up better to the actual video than lyrics that would otherwise just be interpreted. And that is no more well projected than here, in “Castle of Shadows,” which is a PMV of a song of the same name by SlyphStorm. The lyrics tie in better with the clips, and it makes your job as an editor a ton easier. And the easier it is, the more motivation you have to push forward with your project.

I cannot stress enough how perfectly the lyrics and clips tie together. That isn’t a coincidence, of course. But it really helps to sell what a “PMV” really is. a Pony Music Video. I also really like how much of a retro, Castlevania-esque vibe the track gives off. Pure nostalgia. Check it out below! It’s a fun one!

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Paper Sky by Jakeneutron Animations


Not very many PMVs can hold my attention very tightly for more than about four minutes, so it’s a testament to the greatness of this one that it managed to keep me solidly entertained for a full five and a half. This one was really delightful. The fan-made song is a wonderful listen, and the video’s presentation is engaging with some really solid editing. All of the timing and cuts are totally spot on, with some really creative transitions and subtle effects that aren’t at all overdone but work very nicely to enhance it all. I especially enjoyed the slight parchment filter laid over everything (I guess to help it live up to the “paper” in the name).

Pretty much all of the footage is pretty familiar fare from the first two episodes of season one, which I admit doesn’t feel as fresh or exciting as if this had been done with more newer footage, but it is definitely used very well, with great scene choices that have a lot of dynamic movement and flow. I’m also quite impressed at how engaging the lengthy instrumental sections of the song can be – not an easy feat, to be sure. Well done, Jake.

Check it out below!

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My Back to the Stars by TheDanielsaur


Even with all the great stuff that’s been happening so far this season, I still think my favorite moment was back in the premiere episodes, where we saw Luna’s backstory a bit more hashed out. And that DragonBall-esque laser beam strength test between Nightmare Moon and Celestia with the original Elements was pretty awesome, even if it was all over way too quickly.

What’s great about this video (besides the, you know, the everything), is how it tells Princess Luna’s story in natural progression, from her dark transformation and subsequent banishment, to her return as Nightmare Moon in the pilot, to her inevitable defeat by the New Elements and return to her original…younger Princess Luna form? Now that I think of it, how did that work? She was fully grown when she first became Nightmare Moon.

Anyway, enough about backstory. We’re here to talk about this awesome little PMV, done by one of my personal very favorite editors, whom you all should really take some time to check out at his channel. There’s really no better way to start your day than with the feeling you get from watching a Danielsaur PMV. I don’t know what it is, but you just feel so much better about yourself when it’s all over. Maybe it’s his dynamic use of creative transition and juxtapose, or his “very dark but still somehow bright” coloring effects, or the way he always chooses the appropriate music to enhance the emotion of the visual materials. But most likely, it’s the way it all comes together.

I could go on and on all day, but you’re probably better off seeing it for yourself. Check out the video below, and have a great day!

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Lullaby For A Princess by Tangy Neonz



Oh great, another Lullaby For A Princess PMV, how typical right?


Perhaps it was the addition of the new season 4 scenes that made a simple one of these possible.  Maybe it is cut short at more than three minutes.  But this seems to have used many Celestia and Luna scenes without stretching the things out or trying to shove stuff in here and there.  It’s a great quality of simple PMVers to know when to extend your scenes and when to just stop and cut the song short.

Even with the great scene selection, however, it seems as though TangyNeonz missed out on a few times where “Sad” and “Celestia/Luna” could have easily been put in.  Not to mention the fact that still images could have been used as they are both simple and surely plentiful.

Still this PMV remains unique due to it’s simplicity and fresh taste.  EVERYBODY wants to make the lullaby for a princess video that matches the music in terms of total awesomeness with custom typography and cool particle effects and epic paintings, but nobody wants to take the core simplicity of the song and portray it using their given resources.  Catch this decent piece of princess pony history below.

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Rebirth by RainbowdashZX


Wow, the new Season 4 episodes are really sparking everyone’s creativity. The Celestia vs. Nightmare Moon scenes in particular are helping to establish a whole lot of new world-building elements, and that is never seen more clearly than in this video I’m presenting today.

What I especially enjoyed about this video (and a ton of the other ones on this user’s channel) is the unconventional way it tells the story. Rather than relying on or interpreting song lyrics to tell a story, this video takes the “Silent Film Era” approach, by just playing a powerful orchestral track while occasionally dropping a still frame of some text after each scene.

And what a story this PMV tells. RDZX has basically rewritten the entire “Princess Twilight Arc”, with Nightmare Moon as a being of pure evil (rather than a victim of dark corruption), Celestia as the reluctant opposition who has no other choice, and Twilight Sparkle as the agent of revenge. Like any good story about life, death, and vengeance, it gets extremely deep and philosophical. So if you need a moment of introspect, or just a daily dose of feels, I highly recommend checking it out!

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Breath Into Me by John Sheppard

Sorry Celestia fans, but after those most recent flashback scenes it’s hard to deny how much cooler Luna can be while rockin it in her Nightmare Moon form. This short and sweet tribute to Nightmare Moon does a great job combining the new scenes with all of the classics from the old seasons to give us something fit for the Princess of the Night herself!

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Nightmare Night Typography Animation by izeer1337

This video was going to be an entry into our contest, but Izeer decided against it. I would’ve loved to have seen this entered! He did a great job on translating the song into a video, even more so a typography. Fantastic choice of transitions, wonderful little details, and fabulous timing. Super creative, with all these marvelous interactions with various aspects in the video. Sorry you didn’t want to enter, maybe next time!

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“You Are The Moon (Luna PMV)” by Jake Whyman




This sunday we will start of with the moon.

In the PMV “You are the moon”, we see twilight serenading to Luna, Seeing her at her best and worst.

Lip syncing is apparent in this video, And Its not bad, In fact most of the video is actually synced quite nicely with the music.

Overall It was a very enjoyable PMV, and I Hope you will feel the same.

I approve this.

[Added Info]:  JakeWhyman, Who created this video, also creates the Ponyfied version of “Game Grumps”.


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