Inside Out (Parody Trailer) by Bridleway462GHA


We don’t usually post trailer parodies on PMV Today, so lets change things up a little this time around. Since both trailer parodies and PMV’s require similar editing techniques, this review shouldn’t feel too irregular.

The creator chose fitting clips, which is always essential. Although the lipsync wasn’t perfect at some points, a good attempt was made. I feel like they chose good characters to represent each emotion, definitely one of the strongest points for this video. The jokes were funny, and the good choice of footage reinforced this fact with visual humor.

The only thing that bugged me about this video is that I found it hard to distinguish between what was going on in the real world, and what was going on inside their heads. They could’ve made the transition between the two settings a little clearer.

All in all this was a fun, simple and well executed trailer parody.

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How Applejack Won The War by Corpse Run Comics


Hello strangers! DeLoop’s back again, trudging through the PMV drought to bring you whippersnappers something to sink your teeth into. Don’t forget there’s a little under 2 weeks to submit your entries to our contest, by the way! We’re excited to see more entries from you guys.

Today I thought I’d feature an animation based on a song from the classic parody series “Friendship Is Witchcraft”. And man, it sure is hilariously dark. The animation certainly brings a whimsical charm to the original song, based on Applejack being a ruthless soldier and leading a war. There’s just something distinctly hilarious about the combination of lighthearted MLP and serious dark undertones. I guess that’s part of the reason I love FiW’s songs so much.

The art style and animation is great. It has a cartoon nature about it that works well. It’s not perfect and I’m not blown away by it, but it’s pretty good nonetheless. I especially enjoyed the musical elements that the animation played to, even incorporating some PMV elements throughout. It’s a fun little musical parody, one that we don’t get nearly enough of. I’d love to see more original animations in this style.

Ruminate on your crimes below.

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The Ballad of Stephanie – Albuquerque by Mr Pilkington


Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today, we’re going to go on a philosophical journey through the mind of Twilight Sparkle. 11 minutes and 25 seconds of pure Weird Al craziness in PMV form. Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready.

Considering this came out in 2012 and goes on for over 10 minutes, this is some seriously impressive editing. Fantastic lip-sync, creative selection work with the lyrics, great pacing – I’m finding it hard to fault. It’s funny, inventive and well up there in my playlist of favourite PMV’s. Weird Al’s style works so well with MLP.

Have some classic Monday silliness below!

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Sword Art Online 2 – Courage by SpectraPony


Sword Art Online and Ponies. Yes! Today, I bring you a PMV based of the anime series “Sword Art Online”. The video parodies the opening of the series and it fits really well. The transitions and custom animations are impressive. It represents SAO’s concept very well with the ‘next-gen, futuristic, virtual gaming’ style.

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Winter’s F***ed Up by AnimatedJames (and a bunch of other people)



It’s been a really, really long time since anyone’s done anything new with ‘Winter Wrap Up’, so it’s certainly a surprise to see something like…this, come straight out of nowhere. Pleasantly suprising, I suppose. Well anyway, the video we’ll be featuring today is a very…overt, group project from some well-known VAs and vocalists in our community, singing a song about how much winter blows. Though, try as they might, no one will ever get me to not like winter, being the man of…considerable size as I am.

Though there is one thing about it I don’t regard too fondly, and that is of course, the music. If you’ve ever been in a department store, you know what I mean, and that is that it feels like the winter season has been shoved down our throats since the end of October. Seriously, do not come to my house this Christmas and try to sing anything, because I’m pretty sure I could legally shoot you.

Whoa…that got a little dark. Sorry about that.

Anyway, the song is given additional life by one of our community’s more unique animators, and personally I rather enjoy the more “skecthbooky style” that’s starting to become more prominent lately. As a child of Atari, I can attest that visual pleasantry is not always equivalent to substance. Though, in this case, this video does have both, and I am pleased to share it with you today, and I invite you all to stay warm throughout this freezin’ season. POETRY, MUTHAF****A!!

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‪How Ponies made the Season 4‬ by AgrolChannel


Fellow Mondaynians,

Imagine, that My little pony was a show. Give me a moment to rephrase that…

What if, The characters from Mlp Friendship Is Magic Were played by actors.  Wait…

Ponder on if you will, The possibility that our beloved show was not real.

This is a lot harder to write about than I though.

To partake in some more bloopers, ones fairly nicely animated even, Give this mondays Video a few, even though I am assured many of you already have.

I approve This.

[Added Info]:  It is believed that the clear liquid is in fact alcohol.

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A Million Ways to Die in Appaloosa by DagaYemar


Tonight’s PMV is another adaptation of a movie theme from a very proficient editor by the name of “DagaYemar,” who has gained notoriety throughout our fandom for creating pony videos from the scores of countless classic films. Sort of a…”Movie Brony,” if you will.

Anyway, for this modern classic, the role of lead singer is performed by the Apples’ favorite cousin, Braeburn (and before you ask, that IS an apple in my pocket), aptly fitting the western motif of the theme song. The use of contrast is phenomenal in this video; Braeburn’s massive smile while singing about the many ways the Wild West can kill you is quite hilarious, thanks to (or perhaps in spite of) the limited screen time that Braeburn actually got. But overall, it’s a very charming video that uses a fan-favorite character to tell the story, so I have a hard time believing people would object.

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What I didn’t learn today by BronyKen


Hey guys. Hey. What’s up? So, hey. You remember this one time, where this one guy made this video, where a very aggressive disembodied voice summarizes every episode from Season 1 and 2 in about two seconds? It was slickly animated, fun to watch, and extremely quotable. Well anyway, somewhere around a year later, another member of our community took up the mantle and decided to give the same treatment to Season 3 and 4. Now, there is the very minor downside that it doesn’t maintain the same animation style, but the editor does a great job of mirroring the true spirit of the original video, which you don’t often see from many parodies on the Internet. Keep in mind that since this is a parody that follows the source material quite religiously, there may be (based on your own personal definitions) some slightly harsh language contained within. But hey, we’re all big boys and girls here, right? Check out the video, and catch yourself up on all the stuff you may have missed from the last two years! Enjoy it!

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Twilight Sparkle Plays Dark Souls by Jaref

For today, here’s a parody based in a RPG.

Honestly, I’ve never played Dark Souls and even, it don’t caught my attention… until today, finally I see this game more thoroughly and the Twilight’s voice makes it better and more funny in this video.
Some dialogues fit perfect, I took out some smiles when I was watching it. Anyway, this shows us that not everything needs to be “perfect” or “amazing” to entertain us.

Highly recommended if you want to have a good time laughing. So, watch the video below.

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