The Ponies are Going Home by Paul Miller IV


For this Tuesday, here’s a simple PMV based in the song Home of Daughtry.

Maybe, the best thing of this video are the scenes, without watermarks, clear and with a very good quality and colors, that’s something to be valued especially if they are well organized.
But here are the scenes of the season 4 too, finally I can see that more people are using these great moments/chapters, and for that thing this video doesn’t look very repetitive.

Let’s go to watch the video below, everyday is a good day to see PMVs stuff.

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PMV – Community by Bronies & Mash


A big congrats to Bronies & Mash for his more of 500 subscribers!. We have started the new year, and we are full of expectation and new hopes for this 2014.

Whatever, here’s a funny video based in the track Community Remix by DJ Steve Porter. This is a PMV that doesn’t want to show effects, transitions or typography… but that’s good, is good to have diversity in this fandom mainly in the section of videos and PMVs. This have a very good lip sync and with the selection of scenes is almost certainly that it will give us a good smile.

First: Watch the video below if you want to have a good time.

Second: I’m sure that it will be a great year with all the bronies/pegasisters that makes it reality.


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Vfx are magic 2 by Malathrom


Today is a very special day, because with it comes a great video, a great PMV.
Is another great work of Malathrom that appears in Ponies The Anthology 3 video.

It’s just AMAZING… full of effects, backgrounds, dynamic lights, movements, 3d scenes, different colors, illumination, transitions, scenes, and more… A very dynamic video and one of the best PMV I’ve seen. This is one of those moments where you don’t have words for describe how amazing/awesome/incredible is it. All I can say is that the effects resemble those of an action movie or videogame with a very high budget.

This is the moment of stop talking and go to watch the great video below.

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Crazy∞nighT by Racecarghost1

For today, we have a PMV based on a vocaloid song, Crazy∞nighT by the group The Lost Libretto (Vocaloid 8).

Beside the others PMVs this is focused on telling a short story or plot around the mane 6 and the CMC. The main feature of this video maybe is the different uses of the vectors in the environment,  with static, some blur and movement effects. Also if you don’t understand japanese, there is some subtitles included for understand better the weft and the lyrics of the song. This PMV is really different and a little more original than the others related videos.

So… is a good time to check it out the video below.


YouTube Preview Image

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Moving On by Racecarghost1

Today everybody want to leave their routine, so… for that, here’s a PMV based in the song “Moving On” of Twenty Ten, Sim Gretina, EileMonty and Copper.

This video have a great choice of spectacular scenes, with a little blur, masks, transitions and texture effects over them, some green screen ponies, and to finish… some camera movement to give more energy.

I don’t really like the brony music, but I must admit that this song is just great and this video works as a complement of everything.

Please, don’t waste your time in this routine and check out the video below!


YouTube Preview Image


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Equestrian Idiot by Gentlecolt


This Sunday brings us a PMV based on the song “American Idiot” by “Green Day”, but entitled “Equestrian Idiot” like a parody.

Maybe the video is a bit simple, but the texture, mask and transition effects make for a more dynamic PMV. It’s a good song, and the good scene selection with the lip-sync makes the whole video a lot more fun.

Check out the video below!

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(PMV) Life is a Highway by smoshlovingdragon

Finally is Sunday Yay!
Today’s PMV is based on a classic song (“Life is a Highway”), maybe is a bit simple the video but have some texture effects with a good choice of scenes, and at no point does it get boring, one important fact is that a classic song will never die. This remember me the movie of “Cars” and it seems that the video was curiously made for applejack… perhaps is the episode.
Overall, see this PMV and you will not regret.

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[PMV] Good Time by epicdarkwizard12


Well, this Sunday’s PMV is based on the song Good Time by Owl City. So far, I have really enjoyed this band, and have never missed a chance to look for PMVs with their music, which brings us to this one.
It’s highly entertaining, from the typography bits to the scene selection, and all with a very moving song. Also, the transitions and the use of “green screens” makes the video more dynamic, and at no point does it get boring or tedious, but remains quite fun. Do not miss this PMV for any reaosn.
YouTube Preview Image
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[PMV] Equestria Girls – Helping Twilight Win the Crown Ponified by LinaSTHAP


Here is another PMV based on song “Helping Twilight Win The crown”.
Something a bit out of place because it’s a Ponified version of a human version of a pony cartoon, but let’s just say that it’s somewhat ironic.

The video is great both because the song has the same voices as the main series plus it has a good choice of scenes.
So, you can’t miss seeing this PMV.

YouTube Preview Image
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