A Very Brony Hearth’s Warming by Viva IMMATOONLINK Reverie

The Charlie Brown Christmas Special has been around for a while (50 years to be exact) and yet it’s still one of my favorite Christmas movies. Here we have the entire thing ponified and featuring a mix of great Brony content creators as the stars.

The story is redone with a slightly different message, namely that Hearth’s Warming is a time for creative people to come together and combine their talents to make even greater works of pony content. All of the stars do a great job with the voice acting and the animation is adorable the whole way through.

Make sure to check out each of the creators that participated in this fun video, and don’t be afraid to try and join or start a collaboration yourself. Some of the best content out there is the result of artists/writers/musicians/editors/etc. all working together to make something awesome!

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500 Miles by weegygreen2

Greetings my internet friends! This classic song by the Proclaimers has gotta be a contender for best song to use in a music video. The lyrics are just perfect for showing the relationship between two characters, being both funny and sweet at the same time.

In this case the relationship in question is between Twilight and Rainbow Dash, though judging from Twilight’s expression she may not have warmed up to the idea yet. I’m sure she’ll come around though, Rainbow is nothing if not persistent.

The animation in this video is great, and the cuteness is amped up an extra 7 levels because it uses the chibi/pointy-pony style which I love! I would totally watch an entire episode using that style, maybe in season 5!

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Look Back by AgrolChannel

twi doing the monkey

You know, I’ve always liked those cake topper-style pony figures, with the pointy legs and the candy eyes from the S2 Finale; they looked delicious. And they always seem to pop up in fan animations just like this one. I guess people really like using them (or they must be easy to work with. I don’t know, I’m not an animator.) Anyway, as we’re once again in a break between seasons, we have an influx of retrospectives to check out in our downtime. What’s really special about this one is that it is quite literally a walk down Memory Lane, with a little piece of iconic imagery representing every episode in the entire series. The music is calming but still a little peppy, and I had a lot of fun picking out every episode as they went by. Lot of good memories attached to those episodes, not gonna lie. And I also thought it was really clever how Twilight, as she’s walking through Season 4, picks up some little items from the ground which, we as the viewers are now duly familiar with. It’s a nice touch. This is a very fun little video that I hope you will all enjoy through the ongoing break, to help you relive your good memories of the show, as we continue on the way to Season 5!

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