Heart Attack by xindit


Fluttershy’s so cute, I think I’ll have a heart attack.

Why FS in the pic? Beats me.  Could’ve been any cute pony to be honest.  Because this PMV is all about the ponies and is very deeply involved in the MLP world, not just the scenes.

What I mean by this, is that if you are a long time fan you’ll definitely get more enjoyment out of this than someone who hasn’t seen an episode.  There are literal references, but it’s far less mouth syncing.  The literal references I’m talking about are what’s actually happening while the episode is going on.  Sure, Rarity might be hiding under Twi’s tail for ‘putting my defenses out’, but there are other deeper references if you recall the episodes and integrate that with the lyrics.

So check it out below and give xindit, a decent and recent editor, some feedback if you can!

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Paradise by Equestria Collabs

Mm.  Equestria seems like such a lovely paradise while it’s cold and wintery up here in the U.S.

To follow up the previously posted collaboration, we have another group working on that Coldplay song that’s been done quite a few times.  And even though it’s been used for a couple, I do believe this is my favorite version so far.  I also get so hyped before even watching the thing because of all the awesome editors starring in it: Izeer, Gunca, Littleshy, Poki, Melon Harmony, Acleps.  It feels like seeing the names of the staff working on S5; so many stars gathering in one place that it’d better be good.

The thing I love most of all is the tone and flow of this video.  Collabs tend to have that problem where everybody edits in a different tone and it makes things seem incoherent.  In this one, everybody has their styles (CERTAINLY), but we get that same taste of happy ponies and magic coming everywhere from the custom animation to the effects and backgrounds.  It’s surprising that this team effort works so well.  Big thumbs up, guys!

While I keep dreaming of the day where every single PMV editor will join into a huge collab group and create the single best video of all times, please enjoy this piece of paradise below!

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We’re on Our Way by ObbsessiveBookworm


This picture was too cute not to post.  Still not quite sure what’s up with Rarity, maybe grass isn’t good for the mane?

But if you want to smile as much as those ponies up there do, you have come to the right PMV.  ObbsessiveBookworm (I don’t make the names, I just spell ’em correctly) has brought us another one of his epically soothing pieces with as much artistic merit and storytelling ability as his previous works.

The editor takes special care not to overdo the color overlays, and I really appreciate that.  The scene selections are absolutely fantastic in terms of matching the mood; calm with either a gentle touch of sadness or happiness depending on the song’s tone.  I usually have controversial opinions on typography, but the font and colors really fit for this song.  What I DON’T like about the typography is that it does almost nothing to support the effectiveness of the PMV as just an overlay.  Overlays are meant to be less distracting so that they don’t drag attention away from the foreground, which is an excellent scene selection in this case.  However, people’s eyes naturally like to read things, and are thus pulled away from the actual content when typography appears.

So I could deal with a little less words here, but if you can look past that you’ll find a wonderful video.  Go, watch it, continue on your way to Pony enlightenment.

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Edit: After gathering extremely exclusive intel, I’ve discovered that the typography was used to give the video more of “it’s own voice.”  I have to say, this particular video will certainly stand out from the rest of Bookworm’s, at least in my mind.

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Cinemare Sins End-Gag Compilation (Season 1 & Specials) by LittleshyFiM

Today we have a compilation based in all the final scenes and bonus of the parodies of Cinemare Sins made by LittleshyFiM for celebreting the end of the first season parodied completely.

Some are really funny and seem taken from Ponies the anthology videothe others are just ridiculous but they make us laugh. Recommended if you want to have a good time laughing and watching videos with a parody style. So, why don’t you watch the video below? Why don’t take advantage of laughing with a hilarious parody?

This is your desicion!

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(PMV) Lonely Day by BPfactory


A PMV based on the song “Lonely Day” of System Of a Down. Shows different scenes in a desolate environment, a factor was is not very good maybe is some animations are not much realistic, but in general this video is very good, unlike others PMV, with its own touch of originality.
The combination of ambient and the characters with the effect of light is the main feature of this video.
I recommend this PMV if you want to know other types of videos.

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