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Just how comfortable and homely can My Little Pony make you feel?

Well, as much as this next PMV can, which certainly brings up tons of nostalgic happiness from all sorts of seasons from our favorite horse show.  This particular video really brings it back for me personally thanks to that VHS style visual effect which was a very prominent detail in the Princess Bride tape that I watched at least a thousand times.

MrLogic, one of our most unrecognized editors, has brought an atmosphere that feels as comfortable as the show itself.  While there is PLENTY of overused footage from the finale scenes of each season, I truly do think that they were required to bring together the sense of nostalgia.  It makes it so much deeper for someone who’s been in the fandom for a while.  And those hugely popular scenes are actually used really well with an inspirational track, so I’d deem it fitting.

Check this thing out for yourself as you bask in the square screen of the old days.

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A Day In Ponyville by AgrolChannel




Sidetracking from the usual PMVs posted here, we have an animation for all of you today. To start things off, this is personally one of my favorite animations that I’ve seen this fandom come up so far especially since it’s done in an almost flawless manner. It’s creative and unique, which is one of the primary reasons why I enjoyed this animation so much.

It has some comical moments as well, to satisfy your craving for humour and overall, it’s a really spectacular animation and it is very different from the usual animations that we see. Check it out below, it’s definitely worth watching!


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