Superhero by Chocalicorn


Hey guys, back today with another PMV from chocalicorn.

So this PMV is a take on the traditional style of editing, with a twist. The editor has done well to find enough footage here considering there aren’t many superhero themed episodes. The pacing was nice, and so was the choice of clips.

The thing that made it stand out though was the simple motion graphics scenes thrown in to break up the scenes so the relatively slow pace doesn’t get too old. I also really liked the editors pun for “I’ve got a mask”. Since masking is cutting out a certain part of a frame, usually to replace the background.

All in all this was a nicely edited, well thought out PMV.

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Zap, Boom, Cannon! by SpectraPony

Rangers! You must act swiftly. The planet is in grave danger! 24 weeks ago, a morphological being, known as Mane Iac, ruled Maretropolis with a reign of unparalleled terror. She was on the verge of completing construction of one of her ultimate weapons, the Bed Headder, a giant hairdryer capable of enslaving the entire world. A group of young warriors, like yourselves, lured her into a comic book and buried her deep within an old castle; but now the chamber has been accidentally uncovered. You must return Mane Iac to the depths before it is too late. You will need to master the powers of the original heroes to stop her: Mistress Mare-Velous, Filli-Second, Masked Matter-Horn, Radiance, Zapp, and Saddle Ranger. However, only when you have uncovered the true meaning of friendship by watching this video will you be able to master your new powers. Use extreme caution Rangers, you are dealing with an evil here that is beyond all imagination. May the power protect you.

Credits: This post was adapted from Zordon’s speech as it is shown on IMDB.
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SuperHero PMV by CoconutLotionFace


Fellow Saturdayians,


This Pmv is pretty darn good, one clear reason would be that it has a very fitting song, but the work to getting it work together is apparent.

Thats the thing though, It does what it is supposed to do for begin a good PMV, but otherwise is just a bit bland, Still it’s a good and well executed bland which I recommend.

Today’s evening will be greeted by watching the power ponies rocking, so let loose, relax and enjoy.


I approve This.

[Added Info]: Some of the earliest costumed heroes in media includes Zorro and later The Phantom.


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Marey Boy: A Pony Parody Of A Parody Of A Superhero by Stellafera


Big titles call for big cover pictures :3

It seems like power ponies was so long ago for some of us, but here’s a really quick PMV about the comic/superhero made by Stellafera.  Not many vids have been posted on that channel as of late, so I was really excited to see this one!  The video centers around Pinkie being like Larry from the good old Veggie Tales.  But I think it could apply to all the power ponies if ya ask me :)

Not only did it surpass expectations, but Stella knew exactly which effects to use where.  Nice masking and funny scenes made all the difference in this and added to the super-style.  The use of color correction did a great deal to transform the scenes as well.  Another thing to note is the black strokes around the masked scenes when they appear in the middle part there.  Strokes are a huge part of comic drawing, and so integrating them into the PMV was a genius move.

Don’t take my word for it, Power Ponies, Power up! (or just check out the video below.)

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