Never Ending Story by DagaYemar

Happy weekend everyone! Dae314 here to point out to you that the ponies up there are in fact looking at you wondering why, in your inadequacy, you haven’t yet seen this video by Red Card DagaYemar. At least most of them are. Pinkie Pie over on the left is thinking something along the lines of, “hah fool.” But take heart, I am here to resolve all of your awkward lapses in knowledge. Below you will find the answer that you seek for the question you never knew you had. DagaYemar’s video is. It just is. There is quite literally nothing good or bad I can comment on (Red Card would be proud). It is the neutral PMV by which all other PMVs may be objectively judged. It is the proverbial yard stick. It is… well just watch it and see for yourself. Also, no, the ponies above will not stop staring at you like you’re somehow inadequate after you’ve watched the video. You’ll just have to live with that forever. I’m sorry.
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Follow You by Alexander Clyde

Lets see… Alexander Clyde. Says here you’re with us today for multiple accounts of using random clips in a PMV in front of more than 1851 eye witnesses, choosing rad techno music for music videos, and one account of stalking which, when the questioned about the incident, you insist was just “following”. Young man, these allegations are very serious–I hope you understand that. Your videos are addicting and addiction reduces the productivity of the people. The internet doesn’t maintain itself you know and any distraction needs to be dealt with swiftly and with extreme prejudice. To that end, in reparation for your mischief you are hereby sentenced to publicly display your video, “Follow You” on PMVToday in order to give people easy access to your content. Since we cannot break people’s addiction to your PMV, we can only minimize its impact by making it easily accessible so people’s time is not spent searching for it. We hope you keep what has been said here in mind the next time you try to make a PMV.
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I Wanna Get Better by Eldonde

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem!
PPC: Hey Puppet Pal Mitch.

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, what is my favorite type of youtube video?
PPC: Is it a cat video?
PPM: No, it’s a pony *BONK* video.
PPC: Puppet Pal Mitch, what is a pony bonk video?
PPM: Well Puppet Pal Clem, it’s a video where ponies *BONK* each other on the head. Like the one right down there!

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, what’s the only thing better than a pony bonk video?
PPC: A bonk on the head?
PPM: No! *BONK* a pony *BONK* video made by Eldonde

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, do you know what’s better than that video down there?
PPC: No Puppet Pal Mitch, what is better than that video down there?
PPM: A *BONK* on the head.

If this post confused you, click here and take a time machine back to before the internet.
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The Pinkies : Song 2 (Fan-Made Animation) by Transmogrificator


One can never fit too many Pinkies in a room. Today, I present to you an animated version of Blur’s classic rock hit, Song 2. First of all, I have to say that this is a very interesting song choice, but it works rather well.

Also, I’m sure some of you have noticed that I haven’t been posting quite as regularly. Well that’s an understatement, I haven’t been posting since forever (a few months ago, I think?), but the good news is that I’m back with regular posts.

Moving back to the video here, it was animated rather well, and it almost seems to be show-quality, which is rather impressive for a new animator in the fandom. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to his next animation, whenever it may be, because I’m sure it will knock our socks off!

The song was edited slightly to avoid copyright issues, but the difference isn’t that big of a deal. Go and check out this random, hilarious animation of Pinkie Pie in a one-mare band below!


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Twitchy twitch by General Slinkie

Well that’s dubstep for ya.  Pretty colors and flashing lights.

And this beautiful PMV is no exception.  It’s quirky, it’s weird, and it matches the music in a heavenly sonority.  Or a dubsteppily sonority, but I’m not sure that that’s a real adjective.

Anyway, this video is fantastic for reviewing and learning from because the editor makes some really stand-out choices here (not inherently good, however).  We’ll start with the pros because there is just so much of it!  I mean, this pretty much exemplifies the reason that we use effects in the first place, to amplify the attitude of our scenes.  General Slinkie coordinates the oddities of the finale episodes, i.e. Discord’s randomness or Pinkie’s giggling ghosty trees, with the FX that are used and relies heavily on neither one, but the combination of the two.  To be more shallow, I like the pretty distortion and little circle expansions at the beginning as well as the flippy transitions throughout.  Cool stuff.

I also liked the camera jumps, but speaking of cameras, the movement in the beginning kinda killed it for me, and I think that’s the main point where the video falls flat.  We’re talking no easing, no point of focus, and no apparent random disorder.  Now don’t get me wrong, some of the cam zooms after that point are pretty nice.  And I also understand that this was done to match the randomness and quirkiness of the song, but I think ya went a bit overboard here.

You can be the judge of that though, check out the video and let us know whatcha think!

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