Bad Machine | PMV Collab by Tisteve


Hey, this is daspacepony! I’m another new author on PMVToday and have been making PMVs and joining PMV collabs since January 2015, here to showcase another amazing PMV!

Do you like crazy glitch effects? Dubstep? Fancy visuals? Collaborations? Then boy, do we have a good one here. Long time PMV maker, Tisteve has hopped on the collab-ing bandwagon and has surely brought the best people in for this style of PMV. Especially Pixel3000nerd and Alanj2007games who are known to make the best “glitch effect” PMVs around, did their parts wonderfully. Not forgetting HarmonicWind’s lovely typography and custom scenes for the rap part of the song; TiMan, Ashie and Tisteve, all bringing their own unique twists to their part of the collab, which is what being in a collab is all about. Besides the slightly too frequent use of typography and little use of visuals in HarmonicWind’s part that felt a little off within the PMV’s heavy effect, heavy visual feel, the whole PMV just blended wonderfully together with the song it went and that’s pretty much the most important thing about a PMV to me. :D

I can’t wait to see more amazing PMVs like this one in the community! Check out the PMV below!

space out~

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I’m Not Addicted by SpectraPony


Happy Thursday guys!

Tonight we bring you an incredibly well done PMV done by the elusive SpectraPony. Its always nice to see PMVs done to songs from within the Fandom. This PMV was done to I’m Not Addicted by Aoshi, Biscayne & Versal. The PMV focuses on Applejack, Twilight and Pinkie Pie during the rapping section of the song. I really like how SpectraPony decided to use different texts and filter for each of the characters. There isn’t really I have to say about this PMV. It is nice, simple and straight to the point, and thats all that this song requires.

I hope you take a second to enjoy this PMV, and if you have more than a second. Drop by SpectraPonies Channel!

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Nightmare Night by Dragonv0942

Heya! Slap me back for bars of KitKat but it’s been a while since this probable insignificant cluster mess of a section was slapped back in back to greet you, Happy Halloween! *slapped* (tsk tsk that wa so yesterday)

So you wanna sue me for using the same song that was featured days before? Difference is this ain’t no fancy DanceParty animation. Eenope, it’s a candystore of visual treats of a PMV and guess what? I think for anyone with kids out there or younger siblings, try and trick them and say that you ate all the candy and watch their reactions…. yes I’m bad…… then again where I come from I don’t need to dress up to get free candy….. I just need to be myself with a cardboard box outside and if I’m lucky some bird might drop extra mayo on my burger *damn this fella crazy*

Hmm? The vid? Ahem, my biggest nightmare is *slapped* OK, I’ll talk. You have a pretty thematic video that interplays Luna in her jealous driven past back to Nightmare Moon to her return in Nightmare Night with cool timing TV effects and displayed lyrics. Unbelievable that this is his first, I mean, my first was uh…. you’ll never need to know….

This post stinks? Of course it does because I don’t know how to sugarcoat because who wants to dive into a pool of sugar and run around from house to house?

The-Fright-Night-Hype-Type list
2.Dat precise Tv simimulator transition timings, dayum
3.Makes you wanna go on a marshmallow eating spree

Feast on some sweet stuff BELOW:

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P.S. And if you sue me now, you could earn every possession I own….. just my candybox… is all I have *sniff*

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Nightmare Night Music Video by BronyDanceParty

Let’s keep that Halloween vibe going! Today we’ve got an awesome fully animated music video to one of the most popular Brony songs out there: Nightmare Night by WoodenToaster and MicTheMicrophone!

BronyDanceParty has really come a long way with their animations; facial expressions and lip synch are top notch, and there is a ton of stuff going on from the characters singing the songs to the shenanigans of the guards pranking everyone. Apparently they have some pretty high tech special effects at Equestrian concerts, and I know I would totally pay to hear those two perform live!

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Cartoons & Cereal- Kendrick Lamar by Lunar Shimmer

A lot of editors will tell you to leave the TV Sim effect at home, but I think it can be effective in small doses. Or in this case, if you are actually trying to make it seem like the visuals are being seen on an old television. The author did a good job making the beginning part seem like someone switching between different TV channels, and the next part with the typography was also well done.

Rap isn’t usually my thing, but with good scene selection and timing like this I can still enjoy it. The extremely quick scene changes in the second half were probably a bit too fast, and the black screen that flashes in between was a bit distracting, but these types of things are pretty easy to improve.

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“Reasons I Love Ponies From A to Z” by TheGoodHen

A Breathtakingly Crucial

Delightfully Enchanted Find.


Give Heartily It’s Just Kudos.

Lyrically Masterful,

Notable Overall.


Pretty Quaint.


See This Underwatched Video.


(Writer (X) Yield Zero).

[added Info]:

Thegoodhen Has created his own little animation program a few years back, yet does not seem to use it much anymore.


I approve this.

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