More Than A Feeling by willygilligan815

All this Spike love recently has got me feeling like he might be a legitimate character actually worth developing and being interested in.


But today we do bring you a “Rarity” if you will, in the world of PMVs.  There is almost never a time where somebody’s first PMV is legitimately good, and even now I doubt that this was the editor’s absolute first.  But going off of what the YouTube description says, this video is indeed a first timer and it is certainly fair.

The best part is its simple style and storytelling, which we are beginning to see a lot more often in the scene.  The effects are used when necessary, such as a color filter to represent a flashback or dream.  But they aren’t too much in the way, which is always good.  The story itself rolls along with the song and is essentially a love story for the purple couple above.  But I’ll let you figure out the whole thing below!

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Pony Soda by DownburstProductions

Hello guys and gals! Today I bring you with a really cool PMV with a Shawn Wasabi song. If you know me, you know that I mostly like and watch PMVs with motion graphics and cool effects, but everyonce in a while I like to see some simple neat PMVs. This is one of them, and it’s great. With only using clips, no filters or effects, the editor here has arranged and synchronized each clip with the song. The silly sound effects in the music that Shawn Wasabi has created with his MIDI fighter, Downburst also added it’s own bits and clips of silly moments of the ponies which makes the video really fun to watch. Go watch the PMV down below!

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Stole The Show by rainbowdashzx

It’s hard not to steal the show when you’re the only one worth showing, darling.

Aside from Rarity’s fabulosity complex (a very serious condition), the element of generosity brings out some great modern style PMVs.  The great thing about this next one is that it presents a nice bite-size balance between brilliant design, editing, contrast and even includes a bit of a very simple story.  Simple is better than none though!

The grand focus of this video tends to fall on the design and look of the piece to be honest, which was absolutely wonderful.  Everything from the text styling to the picture elements and especially to the striped masks and great transitions fit well into the style of a fabulous and modern lament about having to go.  With a piece as short and design focused as this one, however, there is room to nitpick.  Thus I can tell you my one disagreement in here would be at 1:11 where we see a silhouette of diamond-butt. The problem is that her eyes can still be slightly seen.  She looks like that girl from Dark Meadow  just a little bit and it’s kinda creepy.  If this was a stylistic choice, I simply have a different opinion.  If it was an error, the editor is just starting to learn a new program version so it’s understandable.

Get some modern style below as your favorite white and purple pony steals the show!

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GASP! Is your video blocked?  Use this hyperlink to take a look at it.  Don’t be lazy; do it now!

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The City by The Collaboratory


Look, don’t tell the others but I’m totally breaking the rules to post this. This isn’t even the proper posting time or date for me. “Schedule all posts for 7pm” he says. Well, guess what? I’m BRITISH! It’s 7pm over here for me! I have found the ultimate loophole! AHAHA!

Ahem, no, but really. I just wanted to give some promotion to this awesome collaborative effort. Considering there’s like 4 of the staff who worked on this, I’m sure exceptions can be made.

We recently released our second collaborative PMV for The Collaboratory. I’ll let you be the judge of my own contribution, but I think you’ll agree with me that everyone involved did a really great job. We strived to get a better sense of structure and theme this time around, generally focusing on Rarity and Manehattan. I think it’s nice how there’s such a variety of creators involved in the channel. Simplistic show footage, motion graphics, full blown animation – it’s a nice mix and we tried to make the parts flow together well. We certainly still have much to improve, but we’re having a lot of fun working on these videos. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it!
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Spike Can’t Say Goodbye by DagaYemar


Poor Spike. Little guy can’t even catch a break.

Today we’ve got a fun little video based on Spike’s desperation to be with Rarity despite her turning him down. As the song implies, he just can’t say goodbye to her and keeps coming up with excuses.

I actually saw [another PMV] to this song based on the Mane 6 a while ago. While I preferred the editing and variation in that one, I do like how this one focuses primarily on Spike’s feelings. A highlight for me had to be the fun scene selection showing potential tragedies for Rarity. Perhaps the video would’ve benefited from putting in more effort with the lipsync. As it stands, it’s partially synced which is a hit or miss situation throughout the video.

It was amusing to see the reactions of the other ponies. Daga really nailed down the characterization in the video. Spike rocking back and forth with a pillow especially. Looks like you’ve been completely and utterly friendzoned, buddy.

Check out the video below!

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Heroes by rainbowdashzx

Spike is a hero.  Kinda.  By circumstance.  In a way.

I’ll chill with the Spike hate because it’s time to appreciate rainbowdashzx’s new PMV which is just great. This one is brought to you by commission of another friend of the pony music video community: theinvincible316.  I didn’t even know PMV commissions were a thing, but if they all turn out this good, I think I’d be willing to invest.

Really, the PMV is about Spike x Rarity and the deep personal struggle that the purple/green dragon has with his heroic complex, causing him to constantly feel down and striving for the opportunity to be the savior he wants to be.  BUT ENOUGH OF THE BORING ANALYTICAL TALK, did you see that scene layout?!  Now that was a great modern-style design choice by our editor with fitting typography and some light-based transitions to boot.  I do feel at times like I’m stuck in a cave with all of these vignettes, but my favorite part of the vid is how it uses blank space.  You don’t have to have stuff on the screen 24/7, kids.

So go catch it below for a show about a hero and his fair mare with the dazzling hair.

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Apulanta ft. Rarity – Simple-minded (Yksinkertainen) [PMV] by Dr_Stables



Fellow Mondaynians,

here we are, the last stretch of the year. You are in fact the last Mondaynians of this year. Be proud.

To end of this time, we have Rarity to the finnish song ”Simpel minded”. It is not groundbreaking, but enjoyable non the less. The lighting effects are spot on for the mood and even a lot of the syncing is nice.

This ends off our year Mondaynias.

I approve this.

[Added Info]: The song ends like this: “I wanted peace
But war has been declared in this soul
A war that no one will ever win.”

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Sisters by ObbsesiveBookworm

Sisters. A very nice PMV by ObbsessiveBookworm. Happy and colorful, featuring the sisters from the show. This video has some great scenes both sad and happy moments of the sisters we know. No matter what happens, they will always be together. The song track for this is very fitting and beautiful and matches every clip in the editing of this. It’s really nice to see a PMV dedicated to the sisters, and this is one of them.

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Fabulous Rarity by GuncaPMV


I can never say no to a great Rarity PMV, and luckily I don’t have to today. Because this is a great Rarity PMV; well actually, ‘great’ isn’t even a good enough word for what this is. Out of all of the ones I’ve seen, this one shines bright (like a diamond).

This PMV is done in a much more modern style, with limited use of animated vectors, and a literal tonne (not a ton) of motion graphics and transitions. What sets this one apart from the pack, though, is its versatility and uniqueness. The sheer volume of shapes, colors, flashes and beats means that no package gets used twice, making it an enjoyable, fascinating experience rather than boring, predictable and annoying. This is a fantastic achievement in video editing, and I strongly urge everyone to check it out immediately. And if you like this, make sure to check out GuncA’s channel to see even more stylish PMVs like this one.

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Short Skirt Long Jacket by Xriss777

Hello everyone! It’s Dae314 back again for some more weekend reviews. It is not terribly often that I hear a song that I haven’t heard in such a long time that it sounds brand new again. Cake’s Short Skirt/Long Jacket came out in 2001, but it fits one of the mane 6 with such clarity that it’s hard to believe a fellow fan didn’t sing it. That’s right folks, today’s video is going to be about Pinkie Pie! Wait… what’s that? Pinkie’s not–oh. Well whoever wrote this script has apples for brains because Cake’s Short Skirt/Long Jacket clearly fits Pinkie’s character best… I don’t care what the video is about I swear Pinkie– Don’t you go threatening me just becau– uugh OK fine. Due to intense pressure from my zap apple addled manag– erm… a small mistake that was entirely my own, today’s video will not be about Pinkie Pie but rather Rarity.

Xris brings us an extremely well edited video that almost but not quite manages to give me goosebumps. The skillfully designed custom transitions are underway almost as soon as viewers hit the play button. Throughout the video viewers are treated to a chocolatey smooth mixture of masks, effects, and transitions that seem at odds with the almost halting progression of the music. Yet this does not cause the video to come off as inappropriate for the music. Rather, the video accents the music and draws out its rhythm into a very pleasing pulse of energy. The only criticism that I can make of the video editing is the lackluster ending. I’ll grant that there are not very many good ways to end a song like Short Skirt/Long Jacket, but I’m sure it could have been handled better than it was. The rest of the video easily makes up for this one weakness though. Between the mildly lip synced yet completely appropriate scenes and the expertly designed cutouts and frame positioning used throughout the majority of the video, Xris clearly demonstrates that he knows what kind editing he wants to show his viewers: the best–and only the best. And this video would be the best… if only Xris had used Pinkie Pie…
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