Flutterbat Trailer by rspectcopyrightmyass

Many people were excited for this episode because of the vampire-pony thing.

I was excited for this episode because of the Fluttershy-pony thing.

Here we have a well constructed trailer that brings a certainly cinematic feel to the whole ordeal.  We haven’t seen a good movie trailer in quite a while on the pony front, but this video proves that the art is not dead and very much in good condition!

The PMV uses a combination of actual trailer clips with simple black and white text and reflective designs along with clips which are mostly from the Bats! episode.  The great part about this is that our editor uses just enough of the pony clips and the non-pony clips to create interest while not inching away from the MLP side.  Another plus is the appropriate and consistent character assignment and sticking to genre. (we even get a little thrill scare at the end, which is perfect for the mood!)

Check out the bats below, and remember to lock your doors at night, lest the adorable vampony attack!

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Our Darkest Days by rainbowdashzx


Dudes, stuff gets dark in MLP if you just think about it.  Hypnosis, vampirism, tyrannical enslavement, books without pictures…

What?  You guys aren’t afraid of those?

Well this PMV focuses around telling the story of a great song and expanding on it’s message.  Darkest Days is about overcoming and pulling through the darkest days of your life, and RDZX certainly makes it clear on how well the mane 6 pull through.  Sure, we see the use of typical finale scenes with big scary bad guys, but I also noticed some great normal episodes that had serious thematic importance used with great effect here.

Now that we’re talking effects, lets see what our fellow editor did with these scenes.  I know it ain’t just me, but I’ve kind of taken a liking to the widescreen video format that we’ve got going on here.  It really makes the video seem more cinematic and epic.  Additional effects include the famous white flash and the grunge overlay, both used accordingly. (Although I wouldn’t have minded a change in scenery after a bit with the overlay, it almost reaches a point of distraction.)

Moderately flashy stuff below!

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-… .. –. / .–. .. -. -.- .. . / ..-. — -..- by Bronies & Mash

The eternal question that has plagued mankind for its entire existence: What does the fox say? After watching this video, the answer may be “You don’t want to know”. This mashup turns the original song into something extremely creepy, and the chosen Pinkie Pie scenes complement that nicely. Pinkie definitely has a few scary moments in the show which are all highlighted here in her role as the eponymous fox. Playing with some darker coloring and adding a staticy background effect put the finishing touches on this delightfully disturbing video. The title being in Morse code is also a great touch!

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Shadows (Aviators feat. Glaze) by M1guel1980

This PMV is a dark one folks, so viewer beware. Seriously, everything in this video is either dripping blood or on fire, sometimes both.

With that out of the way, I can’t say enough good things about the creepy atmosphere that this video manages to create. From the first few seconds when you hear the Silent Hill siren and see the plumes of blood, you know you’re in for something scary. Expert usage of light and shadow keep you wondering what terrors could be hidden in the gloom. There’s not a lot of actual animation, but what’s there is masterfully interwoven with the awesome song by Aviators and Glaze. If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like inside the head of a serial killer pony, then look no further than this.

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