Final Masquerade by Dr_Stables


Hey there, Sunday PMV folk! Isn’t the image above just insanely adorable? I’ve always loved RD being a surrogate sister to Scootaloo and when she took her under her wing I think I might’ve actually contracted diabetes. Seriously.

Anyway, today we’re bringing you a Scootadash PMV based on a Linkin Park song. The video takes the song and connects it to MLP by focusing on Scootaloo’s lamentation – presumably over the relationship she shares with Dash. Although there are some parts that show potential, there are a lot of unnecessary effects used throughout. Perhaps the most prevalent is the motion blurred screenwipe from shot to shot and the flashes. Oh god, the flashes.

I’ll give props to the creator for tackling a Scootaloo/Dash type of PMV – there’s not many scenes of them together interacting so this makes scene selection tough. There’s ways to cheat this such as using splitscreen, intercutting or masks, but the way they went about it felt slightly artificial and forced. Some of the effects feel slightly detached, as if they were included to make the video stand out rather than utilizing them within the context of the theme. It’s not necessarily bad to use effects in PMV’s. In fact, in some they can really bring the footage to life. But as you improve at editing and get past the experimental stage of learning a program, you should try to be creative with how you make use of them. A stellar example of this would be Linker’s [Faint PMV] which is definitely flashy, but does so in a way that compliments the atmosphere.

Although it wasn’t quite my taste, I do hope you guys get a kick out of it. Check it out below!

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Scootaloo – Shut Up by RainbowSlashLP


Rather, penguin is an acceptable term.  Or ostrich.  Or emu.

Moving on, the PMV below is something that takes a viewer by surprise to say the least.  Shut Up is one of those really popular songs that you would expect everybody to want to edit for, and thus create a huge amount of terrible videos for (ex. Let It Go).  Also, Scootaloo herself can be over characterized at times, which makes it tough to come up with stories and stuff for her without sounding lame.  However, this is surprisingly well thought out, and I found the simplicity in the effects absolutely stunning.

Why is that, you ask?  Because, the transitionary effects used in this piece are simple from first glance, but upon further inspection we find that they are actually just stylistically simple.  Look at it closely and you’ll find not just your simple blur or cut transitions, but also a lot of stuff that involves masking and zooming and revealing on a very innovative level.  What this video should teach you is that you don’t have to use simple effects to come up with a simple style.

Enough chat.  I should just shut up and let you watch the vid below!

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Actual Cannibal Princess Luna by Dagar Yemar


Fellow Saturdayians,

This saturday’s evening Pmv features a fleeing Scootaloo, and a beast which follows her.

It is impressive how this Pmv portrays the story with so basic methods.
With few, if any, added effects it accurately displays the ongoing events. This achieved through clever use of  the source material which really manages to fit in.
The Battle between Scootaloo and Luna is especially eye catching and well executed, especially considering how this Pmv was made.

Synching is made accurately and satisfactory, with the visual actions lining up with both much of the beat and of course the lyrics.
And might I add, some extra points must be given for the concept, With the cannibalism lining up with the legend of Nightmare Moon eating Ponies. And who else to face her wrath than poor little scootaloo.

I recommend it for everypony who has not yet gotten out of the spirit of Nightmare Night, (Which should be everypony). And I wish you a Happy saturday Night.

I approve This.

[Added Info]: A man named “Rick Gibson” has eaten Human flesh at three separate occasions publicly. Once in 1988 and twice in 1989.

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Scootaloo The Concrete Angel by 462gha

A very pleasant day to you guys…. oh who am I kidding, the picture sums up the post, my mood, the video, the various things you have feelings for, and I bet you $2 and a voucher that you felt something staring at her above. (I feel you Scootaloo, I think I’m invisible too *shot*…… guess not….)

Anyway, *sniff* today we got a runner-up from that PMVToday contest and from a highly underrated editor. Specializing in in ponifying musicals, the author should be up there with the likes of DagaYemar. Ahem, back to the video (Mr. derailer) which should be obvious by now features our beloved (chicken!) CMC, Scoots!

However, like I said, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows (hurr hurr) and we are given a pretty emotional song (biased since I’ve heard it many times, plus it’s about child abuse) that can relate to her when you can imagine it further. The scenes match very well with the lyrics and the mild colour correction helps the carry the heavy tone of the video. Overall, you have a simple video that forces you to feel for Scoots that yeah, she is not a kind of poultry, and you realize she goes through everyday like with an Iron Will (Concrete Angel, ha! *shot*) and is once again, best CMC (totally not biased here, I swear by wings and a thigh) This is deservedly a winner somewhere in the contest! (shame the competition in the Dramatic category is tough)

*sniff* I’m still in a disarray but here’s that annoying summation list just for me to grab me a box of tissue:

The-solid-ways-to-put-my-feels-together list
1. Relatively smooth and thematic
2. Scene choices fit like a hand in a glove (perfect contrast with the uplifting chorus showing her strong moments then with the verses highlighting despair)
3. Nothing fancy, just enough to simply fit the video
4. It’s super effective and has a high critical rate on the feels

Check out the reason why am not sleeping tonight BELOW: (litters more tissue)

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Well done, and be sure to leave your love, comments and if you want, drop by and subscribe to the author above! (if you want your $2…)

P.S. *sniff* I can’t handle poor ol’ Scoots to depart
P.P.S. *ThatStrangeFella beaten to death for spoiling and referencing bad stuff in posts*

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Mommy, what happens to ponies after they die? by TheLightLeavesThee

It sounds like young Scootaloo is finding herself face to face with her own mortality. Does this video answer the question of what happens to ponies after they die? I’ll leave that up to you, but either way this PMV is an amazing journey through one of the most important questions humanity, or pony kind, has ever asked.

On the technical side, there were so many great uses of masks to break up a scene or transition from one to another. Also the timing in some parts where the scene shifts on every single drum beat was a joy to watch. Finally, the typography was artfully done but didn’t overstay its welcome, showing up to emphasize the important lyrics as well as the framing storyline at the beginning and end.

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