Don’t Stop by The Collaboratory

One horse two horse pink horse blue horse orange horse yellow horse white horse purple horse.

A novel, by Dr. Hooves.

ANYWAY welcome back everybody it’s time to get the PMV train rolling again after our amazing contest at Bronycon!  Check out the contest page up top to find the results for that, and over the next few weeks we’ll be posting all the incredible submissions that we received.  Be sure to give them all lots of love for their hard efforts!

And today we have an especially fantastic collaboration between the famed editors of Ye Olde YouTube Lore.  That’s right folks, everyone from Acleps to DeLoop has joined in on this fantastic celebration of our favorite little ponies.  Sure it might lack a little focus other than the Mane crew and some general pony counterparts, but the effects are VERY SHINY, the transitions are fast and furious, and the song is well matched.  Check it out below and let the gang over at the Collaboratory know what you think!

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A Summer In The Stars by daspacepony

We get to see a bunch paintings of this princess sleeping under the moon, but isn’t Luna supposed to be nocturnal?

While we ponder these circumstances, lets distract ourselves with a beautifully clean typography from daspacepony!  In a world of editors striving for realistic distortion techniques, it’s always important to keep it clean when your music demands it.

Now I’m not one for typography or chord patterns that don’t extend beyond the common progressions, but this PMV is pretty neat regardless.  Our editor really puts their own consistent style into this video by using environments and skies as the main pony-oriented focus of the video.   It builds a nice atmosphere in this respect, and most importantly, it creates a difference between background and foreground.  One thing that subtracts points visually yet adds points creatively is the helvetica font used in the chorus. It makes sense with the lyrics because it’s a fun font, but it also seems slightly out of place with the style of the visuals.

Go below for a show about summer time that’s mighty fine.

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