Fourth of July || Twixie by BaltoDork

No but seriously, I keep hearing fireworks and stuff going off around my neighborhood at 11PM and it’s been over a week since that holiday.  Y’all have no chill.

Well, at least we get fabulous PMVs like this one as a result!  That’s right, it’s another Fall Out Boy song, but it’s got excellent visuals from an editor who we don’t see much of.  There isn’t too much ingenuity, but everything works together like a true piece of art and it keeps a focus through the lyrics.

To start with the effects, they were really the glue that held the piece together.  Things got a little shaky with the introduction of still images (often the sign of a subpar edit) but the colored light leaks and transitions kept everything running smoothly.  The shipping story here isn’t too differential from the lyrics, but it does a nice job with the limited clip selection and really brings everything back together with a greater focus.

Check it out below and drop a subscription to the editor!

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More Than A Feeling by willygilligan815

All this Spike love recently has got me feeling like he might be a legitimate character actually worth developing and being interested in.


But today we do bring you a “Rarity” if you will, in the world of PMVs.  There is almost never a time where somebody’s first PMV is legitimately good, and even now I doubt that this was the editor’s absolute first.  But going off of what the YouTube description says, this video is indeed a first timer and it is certainly fair.

The best part is its simple style and storytelling, which we are beginning to see a lot more often in the scene.  The effects are used when necessary, such as a color filter to represent a flashback or dream.  But they aren’t too much in the way, which is always good.  The story itself rolls along with the song and is essentially a love story for the purple couple above.  But I’ll let you figure out the whole thing below!

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{FlashLight} Dear future husband (✿ ♥‿♥) by MartaPD2

Official best ship! -Hasbro. Probably.
“Official best ship!” -Hasbro. Probably.

What helps you when you’re lost in the dark? Flashlight!

What helps when you’re lost in the hiatus? FlashLight!

That’s right folks, shipping is the cure for the hiatus blues. And who could deny that everyone’s favorite waifu stealer, Flash Sentry Brad, and Twilight were made for one another? After all, our overlord Habsro has decreed it. Who can argue with that logic?!


Thank you to The(Twi)LightLeavesThee for submitting the One True Ship, you will be spared mandatory re-education… At least until Equestria Girls 3.


Joking aside, this is actually a well edited video and despite its very short length, was well thought out and planned.

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Lana Del Dre by SnowT

The month of Hearts And Hooves starts early today folks!  While this isn’t exactly my OTP, how can you deny two adorable little ponies in love?

Regardless of your preferences and views on shipping, it’s time to take a look at an awesome PMV that might even change your mind about which ponies pair perfectly.  This video is all about the AppleDash and has a large amount of custom animation elements in it.  Now hold your horses, the custom stuff isn’t the highest quality we’ve seen, but we should all know that the work put into it is massive.  You might slightly cringe at first, but the cuteness of everything will enhance the animation as you keep watching!

On effects, this scores an A+.  There are a lot of different effects here, but somehow SnowT manages to make them all fit with each other.  We also get a really nice atmosphere due to the rewinding of scenes in the first half and some really involved transitions. My favorite is probably the zooming into an eye, followed by a bubble view.  That particular effect has been done a few times in PMVs, but this one takes the cake for my favorite instance of it.

Grab yourself some AppleDash and get ready for a major drama bomb at the end!

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Pinkie’s 7 Things by DagaYemar


There are precisely 7 reasons why you should drop everything you’re doing and watch the PMV below right now.

1) Pinkie Pie
2) Rainbow Dash
3) DagaYemar
4) Shipping
5) Balloons
6) Hugs
7) Cheating with Fluttershy

Why are you still reading this list? You should have hit play after reading number 1. Or number 2 if you’re that person. Get out of here! Go! Post’s over watch the video already! Alright there are precisely 7 reasons why you shouldn’t still be reading this post and you should be watching the video below already… AND THEY’RE RIGHT UP THERE! Seriously shoo and go watch the video already.
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Wild Heart by PonyLoveStudios



I hope you brought some packing peanuts, because there’s going to be a whole dang lot of shipping going on this morning. In fact, you could probably rename this video “Shipping: The PMV”. And it would live up to the hype, too. Every single one of these ponies is apparently hooking up with each other as if Equestria as they know it was ending. Normally, I wouldn’t really go in for such, but when a PMV is as well made and fun-to-watch as this one, it’s hard to ignore it. From typography to vectors, shaky camera shots, cool transitions, custom effects, and fan-art, this one pretty much has everything you could ever want (or not want, depending on your preferences) in a PMV. It’s definitely a bit flashy and gaudy at times, but I think it works well with the theme and the song, and it is definitely an entertaining trip through “shipopolis.”

Buckle on your helmets and check it out below!

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Contest Video | Undisclosed Desires by Jack DC 93



Yay shipping! (or ewwww shipping, depending on your preference) Today’s contest video placed fourth in our contest’s drama category. Personally, I would have ranked it third but not by much. This video was much more ambitious than Clarity so its flaws are more apparent. This editor clearly overreached himself with the video concept, not quite succeeding in what he attempted to do. For that, he has my respect. It takes stones to try something like that under deadline for a contest. I’m happy he placed.

I don’t read fanfics for it or have any particular fondness for pictures of it, but I don’t have anything against some good tasteful shipping. What I like about this video is that the focus is on shipping itself without giving much attention to any particular pairing. If, for example, say, just suppose I was, totally hypothetically, a Twixie fan, this video’s brief presentation of Twishy would not offend me in the least, because this is not a Twishy video. It’s a shipping video.

Unfortunately, while I liked that it didn’t overly favor any specific ship, the video also tended to lose focus altogether. Several times my mind sort of shut down because there was no real point to the images I was seeing as they related to the song. There were technical issues as well, but they, and the focus issues, can be traced to one root problem. Green Screen Ponies. This editor and this video are severely held back by the heavy use of GSP and I would recommend he move away from them. At a few points I really had to admire his unique creativity in using them to sync to the song, but in the end there was only so much he could do with such a limited resource. The abominable lip sync is also related to this. Were he to make his own masks, it would be much easier for him to find scenes with mouth movements and body language that match the lyrics. I’d also like to point him to the tutorial section of this site for some lip sync 101.

However, Green Screen Ponies aside, other parts of this video were damn cool. This is an editor with a few tricks up his sleeve and while he may not always have been successful, I’m one of those people who believes an A for effort is worth something and that certainly applies here. There’s a good deal of potential hidden within the drips of imagination this video leaks and I hope someday this editor realizes it.

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