I’ll Be Dreaming by ObbsessiveBookworm


And so is ObbsessiveBookworm.  After taking a short break to work on a submission for our PMV contest, we’ve got a short and meaningful piece from the wonderful editor.  And while it certainly lacks in the effects, the scene selection is surprisingly superb.

I have to extend my full thanks to this video for its scene choice.  Not only did everything fit well with the music and lyrics, but FINALLY somebody was able to use the scenes from that SS music video in a way that was not completely pretentious and/or terrible!  Looking for good PMVs on Youtube is hard, and I’ve had to trudge through hours of that same footage mixed with pop songs and Nightcore alike.  Yet somehow, this one PMV manages to make me like those same visuals all over again.

The problem I had with effects is probably only because I could imagine some sort of bloom filters or color enhancement when the song hits its upbeat part.  But it’s better underdone than overdone, and you should check it out below to see for yourself!

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Best Friends Theme Song by Arthychaud

Hello friend. My name is Fred. The words you read come from my head. I say I said my name is Fred. And I’ve been… very naughty. The video I’m about to show, one I thought you ought to know, is by editor Arthychaud, and how he’s been… naughty. Voila the video is here with precious clips and captions clear. My heart beat fast as the end grew near. I felt so nice… and naughty. I thought of how excited they, the ponies as they laughed and played, must be to be shown today. They’d shout “huzzah hulay”! Dear friend you look so… naughty. And suddenly my eyes beheld a Pinkie Pie, like pie she smelled. P-I-N-K-I-E is what she spelled, and that’s how I spell… naughty… What you see above, what you see below, betwixt they my craft bestowed the one called Pinkie Pie with a face that was very… naughty.

To my friends,
from Fred
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Uncharted by Unr3al PMV’s

And back with your regularly scheduled programming, it’s Sky here again to present to you a marvelous PMV spun to the tune of Uncharted’s “Nate’s Theme”.

Although it’s a bit short at only 1:46, the scene selection could definitely have contributed to that.  We totally need more Do scenes for all of our awesome action-y songs.  However, with what little the author could acquire, there is definitely some quality.  Effects are also small, but perfect for complimenting an epic character with an epic song.

So check it out below and be sure to give Unr3al’s channel a click.  He’s got only 7 videos thus far, but looks like he’s going strong!

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THIS is MLP by Terriccota Pie

Welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising visit? Mr. Terriccota Pie, you surely do not visit your old friend Dae314 enough. And I must say, this package you’ve brought me is beyond generous. Forgive me, I really have no way to thank you however I will keep it up here on the front page for a time. Ah you say it is a trifle, but I see that you must have gone through the tortures of the damned to make this for me. The exquisite scene selections and timings by themselves could be worth more than my entire collection! And who could overlook the splendid voice over you settled right in the middle? It has been a wonderful visit Mr. Terriccota Pie and what I need now to give it the perfect ending is just a bit of the old Karen O, Trent Reznor, and Atticus Ross.
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