More Than A Feeling by willygilligan815

All this Spike love recently has got me feeling like he might be a legitimate character actually worth developing and being interested in.


But today we do bring you a “Rarity” if you will, in the world of PMVs.  There is almost never a time where somebody’s first PMV is legitimately good, and even now I doubt that this was the editor’s absolute first.  But going off of what the YouTube description says, this video is indeed a first timer and it is certainly fair.

The best part is its simple style and storytelling, which we are beginning to see a lot more often in the scene.  The effects are used when necessary, such as a color filter to represent a flashback or dream.  But they aren’t too much in the way, which is always good.  The story itself rolls along with the song and is essentially a love story for the purple couple above.  But I’ll let you figure out the whole thing below!

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Pony Soda by DownburstProductions

Hello guys and gals! Today I bring you with a really cool PMV with a Shawn Wasabi song. If you know me, you know that I mostly like and watch PMVs with motion graphics and cool effects, but everyonce in a while I like to see some simple neat PMVs. This is one of them, and it’s great. With only using clips, no filters or effects, the editor here has arranged and synchronized each clip with the song. The silly sound effects in the music that Shawn Wasabi has created with his MIDI fighter, Downburst also added it’s own bits and clips of silly moments of the ponies which makes the video really fun to watch. Go watch the PMV down below!

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Robot Love by Penny Thief


Set phasers to post.

Hey all! Here we have the first PMV from a new editor on the scene. I actually ended up talking to Penny Thief while he was making this – turns out he felt inspired by the likes of my work. The best part about being a creator is knowing that you can inspire others to create too.

For a first PMV, I can’t complain. There’s a lot of interesting concepts, custom scenes and typography in use, as well as a bunch of the GreenscreenPonies masks that everyone seems to use. There’s definitely a stylistic approach of a black and white noir colour scheme. It’s nice to see a song of this genre done with MLP too.

The execution, admittedly, could be much better. But I’m sure that by making more PMV’s, the creator will improve and hone his skills. The video could be more smooth – the cuts feel too sharp and direct. Transitions would help a lot, as would the inclusion of more visual action on screen. The pacing could be improved as it currently drags a bit.

Despite the author commenting on how he doesn’t know what he’s doing (2:38), it’s fun observing his experimentation throughout the video. The fact that he’s actively trying out all these new things gives him a giant advantage moving forward. It was a great first attempt and I really enjoyed the lighthearted chilled out atmosphere of it. Check it out below!

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Green Day ft. Ponies – Give Me Novacaine by Dr_Stables

**Slight seizure warning**

Hello everypony! I present to you a neat simple PMV by Dr_Stables. The PMV mainly focuses around Season 5 premiere (as the editor described in the video description) but also has clips from more earlier episodes. It has quite a few transitions and color filters that are represented in the video along with a real cool Green Day song. To be honest, I only know about Green Day because of Rock Band, man how I loved that game. Anyways I can’t really think of anything else to say about this one, but it’s a pretty neat PMV. Go watch it below!

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This is Home by SureShot91


Hey everyone! How’s it going? Truth be told, there’s been quite a drought of PMV’s recently. I’m pretty sure education is to blame. It’s that weird time of year when they’re like “Hey, you want freedom? Here’s ten billion examinations and assignments. It’s not like you needed any free time anyways.” Here’s hoping the lead-up to Summer (and more importantly; BronyCon) will get those creative juices flowing.

So as Jeff the Janitor cleans the spiderwebs from the submissions list, we here at PMVToday HQ have been searching high and low for posting material. There’s actually a lot of videos that label themselves as PMV’s. It’s just the majority are either kids making their toys dance or barely edited footage set to a high pitched version of “Timber”. We try to be fair with the spotlight, but we still have to keep some standard of quality.

That being said, I actually came across this undiscovered gem earlier today. It’s a video based on the loss of Twilight’s treehouse and the memories she made while living there. While it’s clear the creator is new to the video scene due to some minor editing errors, I was pleasantly surprised by how heartwarming this turned out. The song is a perfect fit for the show, especially the overall tone of “Castle Sweet Castle”. I’ll always have a soft spot for PMV’s that serve to compliment the morals of the episodes. The theme is about finding where you truly belong – and despite her having to move into a new physical home, the concept of home is being somewhere you feel safe and happy. Twilight’s home will always be where her friends are.

The video does a great job showcasing memories from the past 5 seasons. It’s not perfect, but the overall concept is really nice. Sometimes that alone can carry a video and bring happiness to those who watch it. Feeling the passion to bring these ideas to life is what keeps me going as an editor, and I sincerely hope to see the creativity of this editor flourish in the future.

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Vox Populi by ObbsessiveBookworm

Hello guys and gals! Bringing you today with a really cool PMV by ObbsessiveBookworm focused mostly on season 5 premiere, and some other episodes. The beginning is pretty slow with the pace of the song, accompanied by the effect of like the old 50’s black and white cartoons. Then later after, when the song picks up everything starts to turn epic. The sequence of clips is organized greatly and some of the effects used are amazing. Go watch the video below!

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El Carratero by FernandoIV


Alright, today we have a generally simple PMV that’s been sitting in the submissions list for a while now. Let’s jump to it and round off the week!

Well, the first thing to note is that it uses a song that’s entirely in Spanish. Luckily, the creator made a version with English subtitles. While not a perfect translation, we still get a good sense of the song’s themes. Horses, wagons and gypsies – which , admittedly, does fit Pinkie Apple Pie’s travelling scenes. The editing here is solid enough and I can’t fault the choice of cuts or pacing much. There could’ve been more clips actually used and more variation to spice it up, but it is what it is.

I did enjoy how the editor stuck to the whole traditional Spanish folk band getup. It was fun to see the Mariachi band and Applejack strumming on a banjo intercut with the rest of the video. It’s certainly interesting to watch PMV’s with songs from different cultures. As a general tip if the creator sees this, the video does suffer from some ghosting where the framerate of the episodes are different from the export framerate. It’s an easy fix in Vegas by right clicking the footage and disabling the resampling.

Put on your sombrero and check it out below! Arriba and all that.

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s m i l e || pmv by MrDeLoop


Phew, what a week it’s been. Between shooting off to London to watch the season premiere, fussing over deadlines and the LoE open weekend, it’s been pretty hectic.

Speaking of the season premiere, isn’t it awesome that MLP is back? It’s good to see our favourite horses return to our screens on a weekly basis. And with new pony comes new fan content! New PMV’s! Yay! I’m really optimistic and excited to see what the fandom does with all the new footage. I know I’d like to make a video on it at some point.

Today we’re bringing you a new PMV from an old school PMV creator – MrDeLoop. Yeah, I know right? I’m as shocked as you are that he’s actually released something. Looks like he’s experimenting with a simple dramatic style of editing, similar to the work of TheLightLeavesThee. The video is based on the first two episodes that kicked off the season, retelling the story and exaggerating the creepy themes. The song used has quite a mellow haunting atmosphere to it, and in my humble opinion, I think MrDeLoop did a reall-

Huh, what? What do you mea- oh.

I’ve just been informed that I am in fact MrDeLoop.

Well this is awkward.

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Perfect System by HumanWhoDoesStuff


Here at PMVToday we believe all PMV’s are equal.

Here is a standard regular PMV. The video is based on My Little Pony and has been edited to music. The editor has chosen to cut the footage in time with the music.

We have analysed the video and wrote this post about it. We have decided it is equal in quality. It will be posted on the site to join the thousands of other PMV’s.


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Wide Awake by Red Card

Hello everypony! And oh hey look! A Katy Perry song! I don’t know about you, but I love Katy Perry ^^. Anyways this simple but cool pmv by Red Card delivers a great edit with the song “Wide Awake”. What I mean is that the way the episode clips has been edited into the video matches really great with the lyrics and atmosphere of the song. A simple yet neatly done Perry Music Video. Haha get it, cause PMV and change the P for Pony to Perry and stuffs and… okay ;-;

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