Scootaloo – Shut Up by RainbowSlashLP


Rather, penguin is an acceptable term.  Or ostrich.  Or emu.

Moving on, the PMV below is something that takes a viewer by surprise to say the least.  Shut Up is one of those really popular songs that you would expect everybody to want to edit for, and thus create a huge amount of terrible videos for (ex. Let It Go).  Also, Scootaloo herself can be over characterized at times, which makes it tough to come up with stories and stuff for her without sounding lame.  However, this is surprisingly well thought out, and I found the simplicity in the effects absolutely stunning.

Why is that, you ask?  Because, the transitionary effects used in this piece are simple from first glance, but upon further inspection we find that they are actually just stylistically simple.  Look at it closely and you’ll find not just your simple blur or cut transitions, but also a lot of stuff that involves masking and zooming and revealing on a very innovative level.  What this video should teach you is that you don’t have to use simple effects to come up with a simple style.

Enough chat.  I should just shut up and let you watch the vid below!

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