Semi-Automatic by DeathlyPumpkin

Cuz she’s TWISTED UP, inside.

You’ll understand after you hear the song.

While DeathlyPumpkin isn’t a name we hear often in the PMV scene, it certainly seems like the author has amassed a fair amount of followers.  And this video shows why: the simple yet thematically in depth style mixes well with their lip synching and song-appropriate transitions.  It’s a really fitting style for the music due to its often soloed singer and simple rhythm.

One very important part about this video that makes stand out from the rest is its transitions though.  And while you might initially say “What’s the big deal?  I’ve seen that windows movie-maker flip transition a thousand times before,” there is something stylistically matching that goes on.  The reason those WMM types of transitions are frowned upon is because they can sometimes seem too cartoony or casual for the song at hand.  But in this case, the style fits perfectly with the bounce of the tune.

Go see why we’ve got some twisted up horses in ponyville below!

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