Runaway by Alanj2007 and Friends


It’s just like our good mayor said, this stuff really does bring people from all walks of life together.

The same applies to collaborations!

Good evening every pony and welcome to another fabulous featuring of a fantastically frivolous work of art.  The song is Runaway, but don’t do that quite yet until you’ve checked out this new collab!  This particular piece features monumental effort from big names like Alanj2007, all the way to our very own Pixel3000Nerd.

Speaking of whom, it seems like the most noticeable part about this PMV was the timing of everyone’s parts.  I’d say P3N’s style fits perfectly with the huge drop in the song when he comes in, and RDZX makes an incredible crescendo with his slightly shaken camera (and reference to G+).  DaSpacePony gives us a proper and fitting relaxation using their own ‘spaced-out’ style and JackDC93, a contest judge this year, had the perfect atmosphere for the soloed vocals at his part.

Find even more gems of editing below! And don’t forget to subscribe to each of the amazing visual engineers.

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Applejack Rides a Balloon to Space by Companioncube64


In space, no one can hear you…apple? I don’t know.

Anyway, today’s video combines some of my most favorite things in the world: Science, Space, and Applejack. Even though I am a college graduate, and for the foreseeable future am done with schools, I will never stop learning. So informative little bits of science like this are a welcome treat, especially when they involve ponies. There’s something relatively calming, not to mention awe-inspiring, about the view from the weather balloon shepherding AJ to the edge of the atmosphere, and the classical score accentuates the majesty of this endeavor. And of course, the music slows down during the rapid descent to perfectly capture the mood. I can’t lie, my heart sank a little bit. Apple pony belongs to the stars now. Well, anyway…

Here at PMVToday our goal is to bring you the latest and greatest in Pony Videos, which is to say we not only intend to entertain but also to stimulate. And we hope this little piece of brain food mixed with pony has satisfied your daily thirst for knowledge. Oh wait. Brain food wouldn’t help with thirst, would it? I guess, brain…lemonade, maybe? Brain smoothie? No, that sounds gross. Well, at any rate, enjoy the show!

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