Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling – by DoubleRainbowfilly


Hey all! Tonight we have a flashy PMV by DoubleRainbowfilly. Making good use of the new footage we’ve gotten already, this video has quite a few scenes stretching from S1 to S5.

One effect I noticed that was used quite a bit was keying (as opposed to masking). It’s an interesting choice as it’s rarely used in PMVs. Some of that keying was spectacular, and the compositing made for some really interesting scenes overall. The editor here really showed good usage, however there were a few scenes that I wondered why it was there, like the black on the tree house before the transition and on the mannequins (the next scene was perfect though with the composited footage). Transitions were also quite well done, and I particularly liked the blinds effect.


Check it out for yourself!


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s m i l e || pmv by MrDeLoop


Phew, what a week it’s been. Between shooting off to London to watch the season premiere, fussing over deadlines and the LoE open weekend, it’s been pretty hectic.

Speaking of the season premiere, isn’t it awesome that MLP is back? It’s good to see our favourite horses return to our screens on a weekly basis. And with new pony comes new fan content! New PMV’s! Yay! I’m really optimistic and excited to see what the fandom does with all the new footage. I know I’d like to make a video on it at some point.

Today we’re bringing you a new PMV from an old school PMV creator – MrDeLoop. Yeah, I know right? I’m as shocked as you are that he’s actually released something. Looks like he’s experimenting with a simple dramatic style of editing, similar to the work of TheLightLeavesThee. The video is based on the first two episodes that kicked off the season, retelling the story and exaggerating the creepy themes. The song used has quite a mellow haunting atmosphere to it, and in my humble opinion, I think MrDeLoop did a reall-

Huh, what? What do you mea- oh.

I’ve just been informed that I am in fact MrDeLoop.

Well this is awkward.

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Perfect System by HumanWhoDoesStuff


Here at PMVToday we believe all PMV’s are equal.

Here is a standard regular PMV. The video is based on My Little Pony and has been edited to music. The editor has chosen to cut the footage in time with the music.

We have analysed the video and wrote this post about it. We have decided it is equal in quality. It will be posted on the site to join the thousands of other PMV’s.


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Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene (PMV) by ObbsessiveBookworm


Hey folks, happy Friday! Tonight we have a new PMV from ObbsessiveBookworm. Hope you like evil because this PMV is focused on villains.

Let me say I absolutely love this video. The catchiness of the song combined with the simplistic editing style really makes this an enjoyable vid for me. The effects are restricted to simple color correction, fades and an overlay. Simple and powerful. Now usually I find overlays to be distracting, but the sparing and tasteful use in key areas really adds visual interest to make up for some of the slower parts of the song. I also was pleased by the use of the high-aspect ratio letter boxing in specific areas of the song. Overall the editing gives a very dramatic and professional feel to the whole video.

Also Twilight kicking butt at the end make me very happy. Enjoy the video below!

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