Wish I Had an Angel by Dr_Stables


Sure, the song says “wish I had an angel”, but I bet Adagio really just wants a flat iron.

IGNORING THAT, we’ve got another effects-busting piece from the submissions here today.  It’s got a bunch of flashy lights and spinning things, so if you’re medically inclined to avoid those, please do so!

Again with Stables’ piece, the main complaint is the excessiveness of effects, although that’s turned into somewhat of their style.  Chromatic aberration plays a big part and is actually used in a different way than normal.  But my favorite part of this PMV is the new flavor of transitions that we get to see.  The effects are still a negative influence, but the thought and speed of those transitions brings it almost to an equilibrium.  So next time, we need not necessarily less effects, but calmer and more consistent ones.

Regardless, check it out below and explore the dazzling theme behind this edit!

[Seizure stuff]

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I’ll Be Dreaming by ObbsessiveBookworm


And so is ObbsessiveBookworm.  After taking a short break to work on a submission for our PMV contest, we’ve got a short and meaningful piece from the wonderful editor.  And while it certainly lacks in the effects, the scene selection is surprisingly superb.

I have to extend my full thanks to this video for its scene choice.  Not only did everything fit well with the music and lyrics, but FINALLY somebody was able to use the scenes from that SS music video in a way that was not completely pretentious and/or terrible!  Looking for good PMVs on Youtube is hard, and I’ve had to trudge through hours of that same footage mixed with pop songs and Nightcore alike.  Yet somehow, this one PMV manages to make me like those same visuals all over again.

The problem I had with effects is probably only because I could imagine some sort of bloom filters or color enhancement when the song hits its upbeat part.  But it’s better underdone than overdone, and you should check it out below to see for yourself!

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Centuries by xindit

Hmm, this song sounds strangely similar…

Never mind that, it’s time for a new rendition of the hit by Fall Out Boy, and this time a little simpler with an entirely different theme.  I just love how people can take the same song, same available content, and turn it all into something entirely new without necessarily having to use effects to exaggerate that difference.  And in this new piece, we also see some fan content thrown in!

“How is it different?” you ask?  Well my friends, it’s quite simple.  In the traditional thought of many in the fandom, Centuries’ message and lyrics could apply boldly and only to T. Sparklez and the crew.  They would be remembered positively for their victories over the villains.  However, in this video, we see some spotlight shed on Sunset Shimmer, who the editor seems to imply, will be remembered for centuries because she kind of turned into a demon in the previous movie and that ain’t something that really just slips your mind.

The PMV does focus on other villains though, and it seems to be a theme that can apply to a wide variety of characters.  xindit’s take is one of a kind, so you should check it out below!

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The Grey by metalsystem761


Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. I’ve been attempting to do some film editing for class, but the lack of candy coloured equines has distracted me. Go figure.

Anyway, today we’re bringing you a emotional PMV focusing on inner turmoil and redemption. This PMV seems to use a variety of characters such as Luna, Applejack and Discord to highlight the dramatic impact of the song. I have to give praise for the scene selection used here, their choices really do compliment the lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, The use of text on screen is decent – it’s an extra element that further exaggerates the emotion. The transition effects seemed forced at some points, but for the most part it works. If the creator develops and improves it in future videos, it could become quite an interesting style for them.

I do quite like how the video lets the clips breathe a bit in terms of pacing. When editing to music it’s important to know how long to hold a clip. Do you cut to the rhythm or to the emotion? Here, the emotion takes priority and so we get a chance to sympathize with the characters. Overall, this is a nice solid PMV that strives and achieves the atmosphere of the song. Check it out below.
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Shimmer by Herostrain


Sunset Shimmer has her comeback game on point in this EQG2 film.  Just gonna say.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about because you haven’t seen the film, you must just not be interested enough.  Luckily for you, we have an amazing trailer for the film that has done way better than any official Hasbro production that I’ve seen.

This piece is also really heavy on the effects and transitions so it might be a bit too intense for some.  But if you can handle it, there are some really nicely placed fades/flashes that give it an incredibly theatrical feel.  The voices and subtle music also give it that feeling that only professional movies seem to have.

So let’s take the talks to the head orange and red mare with flare in Rainbow Rocks!

YouTube Preview Image

Side note: consider the first film to be S.S.’s fall, her ‘sunset’ if you will.  Now consider that in the next film she shimmers in her redemption and true self at the end.  #MindBlown

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Energize Me by Dr_Stables


If you don’t mind being spoiled or have seen the film, it’s time to take a look at another one of Dr_Stables’ terrific videos.  The song in this is (I believe) shortened, but it doesn’t seem to suffer at all because of that, and I’m super glad that the editor kept everything concise in that regard.

Now there were spots at the beginning of the video that are a bit rocky.  At 0:31 We see the effect that the editor is trying to create there with the soloed Sunset Shimmer lip sync, but the stillness of the background and the focus on a single black and white portrait does not agree with the motion of the song (distortion guitars and what have you).

Yet all other aspects of the video are fantastic.  There’s a definite story/focus to the video, which is always good, and the effects are fitting and innovative.  Probably my favorite part about the video was the first chorus where there was such an awesome contrast made between black & white and color scenes that it made everything so much more energetic.

Energize yourself with a lovely PMV below!

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Snake Charmer by Luffyiscool


CAUTION: This video is one big Rainbow Rocks spoiler. It’s still fairly new, and I know some people really care about stuff like this, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, go watch the movie on Youtube or somewhere, and/or buy the DVD release.

So anyway, the story told through this song is a great fit for the movie, to the point where I’m surprised this type of music didn’t actually get into the official score. I was a teenager during the early 90s to late 2000s, so this has always been “teen music” to me, and though I don’t know what passes for that now, it sounds like it still works. The video plays its cards in the form of tight, literal translations of the lyrics (how convenient that sirens, evil and sin are focal points of the song), so if you know both the song and the movie, you may be able to guess what’s coming, but it’s still a pleasant surprise to see how well they work together. Also of special note is the choruses with the vocalizations, and how well they match to the siren songs from “Rainbow Rocks”. There’s a lot to enjoy in this PMV, and I’m happy to share it with you today.

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Sunset Shimmers Wants Cake by Khuzang

It seems everyone likes cake! Nicolas Cage, Princess Celestia, and now Sunset Shimmer? It must run in royalty. Yes, Nick Cage is a princess too. Surely there’s fanart of that..

… can’t say I’m surprised. Anyway I hope you’ve seen the original! I quite like the different animation style the animator used, giving it a new feel but still a very precise pony vibe. With liquid smooth animation and cutesy totes adorbs designs, you won’t have any other choice than having a heart attack from either cutieness or laughter!

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Venari Strigas by MrDzoni955






Fellow Saturdayians,

Do you see the image above? It oddly works to symbolisehis evenings PMV. For Both Twilight and Sunset has much to do with each other (see what I did there).

This Pmv puts Sunset Shimmers and Twilight Sparkles stories head to head, and seeing similarities and differences, very nice concept.

There are well made and well executed visual effects throughout the PMV, enhancing the imagery to what is already an enchanting musical backup. Magical is the keyword for this music, underlined a few times with some action.

A reccomended watch which may Spark some thought during this saturdays Sunset.

[Added Info]: The “Madoka Magica” anime (which the music comes from) has a character named Oktavia which dreams of music from inside of a concert hall.


I approve this.

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Venari Strigas by MrDzoni955

Well, hello there and good morning folks!

Today we bring you a PMV that has that extra zing using an anime soundtrack. When I say Madoka Magika, what is the first thing that pops up in your heads? Magic, girls, and evil enchantresses (Ok, scratch that one) probably crossed your minds. So, given the basic premise you’re going to see……. some magic!

That’s right, what TerriccotaPie has done is mash footage from the anime along with… of course Ponies! Using the symbols with the show and with Evening Shimmer™ (Sunset sucks, Evening sounds cooler, how ironic and I don’t care) and Twilight Sparkle’s conflict in fits so well and like Lock and keys. Not to mention very slick scene choices with crossing in with magic which matches Madoka along with an awesome rock instrumental track which brings makes this video extra spellbinding (-10 for puns)

Now to sum up other points and then some before with that list™  you can’t avoid right here below:

The-Various-Ways-To-Praise List

1.Slick and smooth, simple and streamlined

2. Pretty matching scenes

3. Minimalist effects and transitions that are complementary

4. Can easily be a spin-off intro (who dosen’t want 26 episodes of Twilight eliminating evil witches?)

Check out the Magic and leave your interesting and creative responses on the Magic, BELOW:

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P.S. Now that’s another anime for me to watch! (eventually…… there’s so many to catch up on! Time is your mortal enemy)

P.P.S. Hi, I’m ThatNewFella

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