Strangers by MrKupKake


Hey guys, I’m Sambohh. I haven’t been around too long so I doubt many of you have heard of me. And come to think of it, the only PMV content I’ve ever made is a 20 second section for the Collaboratory’s latest PMV. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is the fact that I have around 3 years of video editing knowledge, so that’s a plus. Either way, I’m glad to be a part of the PMVToday team, and hope I can throw out many PMV posts for you guys to enjoy in the future. Let’s get started shall we?

Well first off we have this beautiful PMV Animation from Mr KupKake, for the song strangers by Scratch21 (feat.EileMonty). Honestly, this video was destined to be a hit from the get go. Because it features Button Mash, a popular character that we have seen little of since the JanAnimations takedown. Not only that, but the song featured is sung by none other than ShadyVox, the voice actor for Button Mash. It was just begging to be made, and KupKake stepped up to the challenge.

This video is much more than just a simple animation with show characters lip synched up to a good song. The creator made sure to use particular lighting, transitions and camera placements, to capture the feel of the song as much as possible. It speaks to the viewer on an emotional level, and really pulls at your heartstrings. Clever effects were used, such as a white vignette to clarify that the characters are reminiscing on their past. The animation links with the lyrics very well, without going off them completely. And the ending is just stunning. The way they hang their heads and cry really hits you hard.

It’s just such a well though out, well made and memorable video that I think will go very far, and become a classic that will be remembered years in the future.

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Video Games / Button Mash PMV by TheDanielsaur


Are you ready for the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? No? Oh, your shoe’s untied? Okay, I’ll wait. Alright, you’re back? Ready now? Alright, let’s get started. Why would I type that entire exchange?

In my opinion, the Button Mash saga is one that proves the true nature of our group, which lies in our ability to take an unassuming background character with exactly one second of actual screen time, and make him star. Thanks mostly in part to one particular amazing animator, this video game-loving character has jumped to the foreground of his own amazing series of videos, all of which were used in this extremely fun PMV. The main focus of the song used, and by extension the video itself, is the main character’s admittedly curious relationship with a very sweet young filly, which I think is way more interesting to watch than “pony plays video games for 3 minutes.” Finally, I believe that this video teaches a very important lesson: Hobbies are fun in moderation, especially if you can share them with someone. And it’s very important to have your priorities in order.

Anyways, enough pointless commentary out of me. Go check out this great video, and then enjoy your inevitable great mood the rest of the day.

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Lose Yourself by rainbowdashzx


Are you a fan of Eminem? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter, either way there’s something here for you! Swanky video style, suited perfectly to the song- and well played out clip selection to total up to a cool experience! We need a Mom’s Spaghetti version too, just for how silly it would look. It could totally be a thing too! Spaghetti ponies.. I need more!

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[PMV / Sweetie Bot] Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by TangyNeonz

I sure do love me some Daft Punk, and I sure do love Sweetie Bot! Best combination ever? It’s gotta be up there, cause this song is perfect for a robot pony. We can rebuild her: better, faster, stronger…cuter? The perfect timing and use of lots of different transitions keep it interesting despite reusing a lot of the same scenes. Throwing in the turning gear animations was another nice touch to keep the robotic theme going. Sometimes I think Sweetie Bot might be more popular than her organic predecessor!

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